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dash swap


Mr Brit

hi again from the UK... thanks for all the help with my last question... as things stand I lost out on both the 'Vettes being sold so I guess that solved that little problem!! A general question I do have though is... is it possible (or probably a reasonable proposition - since given even time/money anything is possible) to retro fit a 90+ C4 dash to an earlier model or - even more interesting a C5 dash into a C4?:crazy :Silly
People have retrofited a 90's dash to earlier C4's........but from what I remember it was a real bloody pain in the keister!!..........I'd just buy a newer Vette at that point!!!!!!!
Being from the UK that might be a little tuff dumping the 84 and picking up a 90 but I undersatnd why he would want to change it, strarwars YUK!. I saw a 67 with a 90+ dash and it was sweet!
I think that it is actually pretty dumb to change the dash....the 84-89 are very unique and will eventually be VERY collectible (especially since the design changed for diferrent years)

Its funny........regarding "star wars"but before I owned the 84 I didnt like the digital...

.......but once I started using it I liked it alot better than analog especially how GM messed up the 90's design...with that ugly orange instrumentation I felt like I was driving my sisters Rx7...which is ironic since the C5 ended up looking VERY Japanese following the reverse trend of making American cars LOOK Japanese in order to make them SEEM as "reliable"...........

Typical of GM...they come up with a great idea of using digital just as many race cars are switching over ....then stupidly abandon the idea because for once in their life actually listening to media critics and a few owners stuck in the 60's......Dont hear too many complaints about the heads up display do U? Most people WANT it yet trash the digital dash...go figure!!!!

My only problems with the dash is the switchable design.....I'd prefer to monitor ALL critical systems(coolant & oil temp,pressure,and volts) at once...mileage and such are NOT important (although at the time fuel was a major issue so i can see why they might have done so)
I have a 90 and I prefer the new style over the "Star Wars" BUT!!! That ugly ORANGE!!!! really sucks, I'll give you that one. Jim
Orange is OK

Got to tell you, I really hate the look of the 85-89 dash. Reminds me of the lesser 87 Iroc-Z I owned. I like the orange color lighting in 90+ Vettes, maybe for a good reason. I own a fully digital, CRT and all, Olds Trofeo. I'm quite sick of the standard blue/green fluorescent glow, so the orange lighting in my 1990 Vette coupe was a welcome change. Well everyone has their own tastes I guess. :s
I know what U mean about the green color...we didnt like the green either so I changed it to mostly red..with purple highlights............its really easy to do!!

Bad Pick....it may be a little big too sorry(I only know how to change its size in html)....but its all I have rt now......also its before I put the Carbon Fiber back on


Jim....U probably could change your color too if U get sick of it...it really is the color that turned me off....the setup if "Ok".......but some custom faces and a color change ...mmmmmm...wonder if anyone has done that yet to a 90's dash?

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