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day time running lights for 91



I'm curious as to which lamps were used for the DRL's. I've been thinking of wiring the parking light circuit to some relay triggered by an ignition-on condition. I don't want my headlight on (with covers up) all the time.


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Jan 20, 2006
1993 White Coupe
daytime running lights were standard issue on canadian cars on the 91.. does anyone know how to retofit them to an american model? and part ##
To disable the lights, carefully pull the light sensor located directly above the speedometer out of the dash to expose the 2 wires running in to it. Place a 100 ohm resistor in parallel with the sensor. Tape it up and stick the sensor back in the dash. You will now have complete control of when your headlights turn on and off.
Takes about 30 minutes in the driveway. Works perfectly and now your lights won't pop up when you go under a bridge or drive into your garage. You have full control and your going to save big on headlight motor parts.


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