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DBS unpdate leads to dead A/C head unit?


Mar 3, 2014
2005 C6
DBS update leads to dead A/C head unit?

After a number of years without a corvette in the garage, I recently bought a new to me 2005. Great shape, only 22,000 miles on it. Drove it for about 4 months and had the dreaded Dead Battery Syndrome. After 3 dead batteries in a month I started doing research. Found out about DBS and scheduled an appointment at my local dealer to have the computer patch done. Which apparently had something to do with the door lock sensor or Key fob sensor.

Took it in on a Friday and was in an out in an hour. I only live about 5 minutes from the dealer and didn't have a chance to turn on the air-conditioning on the way home. Put the Vette in the garage and left it. Well the next day I go to make a 2 hour drive and low and behold the AC head unit will not work. No lights, no blowing, nada! Up till this point the A/C had worked great.

I stop by the dealer on the way out and the garage is closed. He tells me to bring it back on Monday and they will look into it.

Well today I got the result.

The head unit is fried. Meaning the controls in the cockpit on the dash are dead. To replace is $900. They were very apologetic and offered me a pretty good discount but still it seems like a pretty big coincident that the A/C head unit would fail on its own just when they were reprogramming the computer for the DBS issue.

What do my fellow Vette enthusiast think? An unfortunate coincident or did something go wrong with the reprogram?
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