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Deal on DeWitt Radiators


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Dec 30, 2002
Dallas County, Texas
'75 Modified Red Ragtop: "LEFTLN"
I was cruising over at CorvetteForum and happened to notice a nifty thing - Tom DeWitt is doing an open offer for radiators with or without the electric fans.

I think the radiators are $450 and the twin "SPAL" fans are $340.

Good timing! My radiator leaks like a seive!

They had another group buy going on the Steeroids, but it was only about $150 off - somebody will have to convince me of the need for that upgrade first. (I would like a tighter steering ratio though...)

Hope I didn't violate any "intersite etiquette" or anything - I'm only a member here and haven't been over to CF in a long time, but looking at $600-1,000 for radiator before the summer was making me ill and this seemed like a decent deal.

Does anybody have any experience, good or bad, with DeWitt over Griffin, BTW? I plan on putting in a "nuk-u-lar" stroked BB in my piece of garbage before the end of time and don't hope to redo the same upgrades over and over.
When I get around to doing the radiator swap I'll buy mine from Tom....I need other things first like carpet. He talked with me for about an hour one day and actually talked me out of buying a radiator at the time as it wasn't necessary. He seems like a stand up guy to me.
I used a dewitt Aluminum Radiator into wy wifes 75 witht he dual cooling fans. Paid about that from him in Carlisle last year. Seems like a good product to me.
Sounds like a deal to me! I was thinking of upgrading my radiator to help cool the LT1 (someday to be stroker and blown), but you're right, $600+ for an aluminum one seems despressing! I already have the electric fans, and they do a pretty good job. I left Corvette Forum a while ago in favor of this site, but I might have to creep back to check out this deal. I got in on the first group purchase for the Steeroids, as well as the group purchase for the Vette Brakes Purformance Plus system. Now I need to scrape together the funds to get the systems installed! Thanks for the heads up on the radiators! :beer
Looking at DeWitt's site, I think the deal is actually on the fans, not the radiator. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it looked like the $450 was the standard price for the radiator.

But, speaking of the fans, is the dual 11" fans w/ wiring harness for $340 a good deal? I'm ditching my mechanical fan, and I need a replacement...

Not sure how unusual a price....

I had just allocated $1K for a high-end radiator and was surprised to see any for so much less. I really hadn't ever wanted the electric fans, but I'm now considering them too.

I got in on the group buy at CF. I spoke with Tom Dewitt. It took two weeks for delivery. I have a 73 cpe 383. I have been shopping for radiator and dual elec. fans for a while. this was about 200.00 cheaper than I found anywhere. The fans come with the wiring harnesses. I recieved them yesterday and installed last night, they look great and fit like a glove. I am doing a frame off, chassis will be complete in a couple of days. I have a lot of body work to do, so it will be a while before I can try them out.

Nice people to do business with.


The radiator was 450.00 and the fans were 340.00, freight was 20.00
I ended up putting it off

My PoS is still, after all, cooling.

I desperately need to be able to do 80-90 w/o holding 4K+ - so I need my OD, and I need heads with heavy valve springs. This is not to mention I wish I had some power, A/C, gauges that worked and a rear window w/o a four inch hole in it....

....and my rear driver wheel was awfully warm to the touch (again) and the lower aframe bushings are shot...

call me "lucky" :)

Let me know how it works though and the minute mine springs a last minute horrible leak, I'll go with DeWitt.

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