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Hey all, im looking to buy my first corvette. And I figured that this was the place to come for answers. From the reseach I have done I currently am planning on buying a '69 with the 427 l-71 or l-88. I dont think im worried about matching numbers, as I want to "tweak" the car plenty, and bring it onto the scca club racing circuit. Im debating between this, and spending more to find a '71 454.
I plan on doing all of the work over time, over different summers (im still in college). At one time all the engine work, then suspension and handling, and then completing towards scca standards.
My main question to all of you is, is this a silly idea to try with such older models? What is the availability of performance parts and services for the older engines?
Any and all advice you could give me would be most appreciated. I dont actually plan on making a purchase until next spring. Thanks in advance...
Welcome to the addiction, I mean forum.

What you plan sounds kind of costly, but if you got it why not. I don't know much about the SCCA racing rules but I've seen a bunch of old C3's that race in that. Racing an original L-88 would be a bit much as they are worth a whole lot of $$$ these days, maybe building a copy would be better. Plenty of parts available at 20+ Corvette Parts places. Other than that I don't know what to tell you about the racing other than have fun!
Thanks. This is starting as a surprise for my dad, then were gonna work on it together mostly. Sometimes ill send out for something, but a lot of the work will be between us. Ive worked at a shop for two years, so i have access to almost all tools. I plan on doing this is stages mostly for the point of money. I work two jobs in the summer, so i do alright and will have plenty to spend. This summer i mostly plan on buying a decent car and maybe ajdusting a few things. In the end I mainly want to run it in the Tire Rack One Lap of America. Then to race it a bit. Im going into the Army so I wont have much time to race it, building it and selling it is probably what is gonna happen.
Do you mean building a copy off of a l-71 or another 427 varient? Pardon the questions, but Im the new guy. Thanks again!
Welcome to CAC! :w You'll find a wealth of information here and, if you can't find what you're looking for, just ask and someone will probably have an answer for you...

I am curious as to why you chose those two years/engines? You probably picked some of the costlier models to begin with (chrome bumper sharks usually have a higher price tag than the others). If you don't need the chrome bumper, you could think about getting a "newer" shark and dropping a different engine in it (there are some posts here re: dropping a big-block into an originally small-block Vette).

Whatever you decide, having fun hunting!
Barb :w

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