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Delay wipers in your early shark


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
1969 Killer Shark
Here are two quick pics of the mods I am making to put the delay wipers in. I decided to put the switch back in the original location. The trick here however, is the 84-89 switch has the delay module built in and is much more bulky. To make this work I am mounting it facing down. I am going to fill in the original switch hole, and relight the indicators. I have to bend the electrical clips to the passenger side to clear the dash pad. I also have to rig up a good tight mount to hold it in place as the factory mount holes on the 84-89 bracket fall right on the curve of the housing. I will most likely fill the holes, paint the housing, the pop rivit from underneath into an aluminum plate to hold the switch solid.


Hey Chris, are you changing the whole wiper set-up to the later models concerning the wiper transmission and wiper arms? I'm real curious in seeing how this all turns out. Thanks for boldly going where no man has gone before. :upthumbs
Yep, I slapped on a wiper motor assembly from a 1980 model with the electric wiper pump and cleaner looking housing. Cut the clip out of my old harness. Got some great help from Ken (Broken) with the 84-89 harness and matched up with the old harness.

Here is a final pic of the mounting nut plate I just finished making a few minutes ago.

This is just a matter of some scrap 3/16" aluminum plate, four nut plates, and a little grinder and jig saw action. This is better than putting it in with a rivit and the stainless heads on the screws don't look bad at all if you even ever see them from underneath.

Warning/Danger Will Robinson......


Cease and desist. Don't try this at home. The C4 switch will not work. I will delete these photos soon, and upload the 82 switch I have now installed. Waiting to hear today if I can get my hands on a complete 82 wiper wire harness and control module.

I will keep you guys posted for those crazy few that want to follow in my foot steps.


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