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Has any body had trouble with dexcool. my 96 has 30000 miles on it and i was going to have the coolant flushed and replace the hoses . The cat at the gm dealership said to put the old style green stuff back in. any thoughts ? thanks:_rock

I have been using Dexcool for about 110,000 miles now. Changed it several times. and have not had the ugly look of old coolant. it's supposed to be a major improvement in corrosion protection and does seem to be. no way i'd want to go back
In the engines in which I use antifreeze, I use Dexcool. I have since the product came out in 1996.

It has a better corrosion inhibiter package than does conventional antifreeze.

While GM and Texaco (the originators of the formula) claim some very long drain intervals, I still choose to change the coolant every 18-24 months mainly because I do not use Dexcool in the recommended 50/50 mix. Typically, where I live, the weather only gets cold enough to need a 25/75 or 20/80 mix. Consequently, the inhibiters won't last as long so I change more often.
I am just repeating what I have heard, and seen.

A good friend of mine is a tech at the local G.M. dealership. They are having problems with Dexcool cars. In fact, my Mother in law has a 97 Fireturd with about 70K miles. Her car started running kind of warm, and my friend happened to be over the house that day when she was visiting. Long story short, we popped open her system and it was crusted full of scale and corrosion. He said they hare having a problem with this and have been having to replace radiators, etc. etc. on fairly new cars that are gunked up. My mother in law took the Bird to the local dealer. They had to pressure flush it several times to get the lumps of crud to start coming out and replaced it with the regular old green looking stuff when they were done.

So, I guess this is going to be like a lot of other things out there, everybody will have some sort of opinion or different experience. I swear though, here cooling system was a nightmare, and I just can't imagine that should get so bad that soon.
The reports of gunked up systems are true GM has a tech fix for this which is to replace the radiaror cap with a new one and to make sure the system is full all the time. Your dealer should have read his updates!
Thanks for the input i stayed with dexcool the service writer says to just keep an eye on it and change it about every 30 to 50 thousand miles:grinsanta

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