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Digital Dash Mph Conversion



The dash on my '89 only goes to 85 mph. Normally that's ok except one day I was on an on ramp and well there was this young guy in a 5.0 Mustang and well I wasn't watching the speedo till I looked down and realized it was above 85 (the scale works but the digital mph readout does not).

Wasn't there a company that used to do something to convert the dash to read higher?

No, I don't do this every day but I like to know how fast I'm going.

I'm also dreading the dash repair/refurbish and wondered what it would take to do this myself.

A rebuilt unit will cost around three hundred buck . Its easy to change . You can buy equipment to do the repairs but unless your going to do alot it isn't cost effective .
Roy, the digital readout for the speedometer should go all the way to 999 if it's funtioning properly. The bar graph will only indicate 85 mph though.

_ken :w
I guess if the digital display worked I would have known.

Is there a way that I can purchase the led display myself?
No, you can only purchase a remanufactured unit (the entire digital display) from either an aftermarket supplier such as Mid America Designs or your local Chevy dealer. He may have a contact for suppliers but it'll cost you more.

They can be rebuilt if you're electronically inclined, or have someone rebuild it for you. Vigman (Mike) is a member here that dabbles in rebuilding theses units. You might get in touch with him.

_ken :w
was gonna say.....

had mine upto 130 the other night on a desolete stretch of road and mines an 87 :upthumbs

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