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Dilema Need Suggestions!



As many of you know, I have all of the external stuff off of my '73 right now. This was in preperation for a new intake, bracket powdercoating and general clean up/tune up.

Well, I pulled the old intake today, mainly the last item to come off, trying to keep everything clean. What I found disturbes me. There is a ton of carbon build up on the exhaust ports on the heads. Looking into the intake ports, there is a lot of carbon build up on the valves too. I think this is the cause of the puff of white smoke I get sometimes when I start her up.

Anyhow, the question is do I pull the heads and get them rebuilt? I was planning to build a 383 from a block I have in the garage, but thats a year off. Do I button the thing up and just keep going. I really dont want the down time or the extra expense, however, with it torn down this far I hate not getting this done.
Also, I plan to drive to a number of events this next year that will require some substantial miles. Could I be looking at problems if I dont do this.

What do you all think?:(
No don't

If you going to build a LONG block, and the project is only 1 yr away and your current engine runs fine. Save your bucks.

No, I will not use these heads for the 383. Actually, I just remembered, I have a set of camel hump heads (rebuilt) in storage. The main problem is that I will have to have these tapped for brackets. I may just do that, as it will cost less in the long run. Then I can hunt for a set of alumium Corvette heads for the 383 I plan to build. I wish these had the accessory bolt holes!

I agree with Vigman. Save your money,and do it the right way down the road. You'll probably change your mind on head combinations between now and when you go to do it. There is always somthing better than your original thoughts. For example: A nice set of Fastburn heads or a simple set of L31 Vortec heads from GM. Or even Edelbrock or Holley heads.
This is merely my opinion....I've been down this road a couple of times, so I know how ya' feel. Good luck with your Dilemma. And have a good Holidays. Sarge :xmas
You found alot of buildup ,Your non op for awhile anyway, Continue on, pull the heads, have them boiled to get rid of all the carbon and fuel residue, grind and seat the valves,new gaskets(possibly research for some different quench factors using special tech gaskets?) torque sequence it all down fresh.
If the heads look real disapointing, doesnt seem like that much hassle or expense to get it freshed up a bit. The good thing is you dont have to pull the motor!
My 2centavos..
You and yours have a great christmas and holidays..
This is really your choice.

If it was me, I would button it back up in favor of the future mega engine you are planning on.

As long as you don't chip it off and start moving it around, it should not cause any problems just bolting it all back up. Since you are going to yank it all in about a year, no worries.

Keep us posted.

Hey, can you take some pics of that carbon?
Thanks for the advice everyone. Well, I broke down and pulled them this morning. A local guy that I know will rebuild them cheap and I will have them back on Friday. That will give me next week (vacation) to put everything back together. I think I will feel better about the whole deal this way. Now if I can sell the camel hump heads I have, and get a set of alumumium Corvette heads, that would be great! I'll post some pictures when I am finished. Thanks all.
Yea, the Fast Burn's would also be a great choice. It looks like I could get a set for around $1000. I am hoping to score some Alunimum Corvette heads for a bit less. Kinda keep it as much Corvette as possible. If I cant find a deal on them, I will definately be going for the Fast Burn's. Thanks
Larger heads for 383

If you are going to build a 383 you need larger heads like min. 180+ ports.

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