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Do not try this at home!!



If you are converting from r-12 to r134a and want to do it right go to a shop and pay the nice people to do it. I have found a new hatered for my car that I did not know existed. I thought I would be smart and try the conversion myself, you know the Drier change, flushing of the system, changing o-rings all of that cr_p. After buying a good used vacume pump the gauges and all of the flush, oil etc, etc, I have about $250.00 invested not counting the 4 hrs I worked on it tonight or the case of beer and the cussing that I will have to pray for forgivness for. The drier/Accum. what ever you want to call it is a son-of-a-b_tch to get out and replace. You have to remove the overflow tank then you have to try and loosen fittings that have been there for 20 yrs. I think you do more damage by trying to loosen fittings to change o-rings than to just use what is there. My sys. was very tight no leaks etc. but I wanted to do It RIGHt :r and change as many o-rings that I could get to(which by the way is not to many). Everyone suggest flushing the sys. with flush solution and compressed air. What bullsh_t. This may work on regular cars but on these sorry piece of cr_p Corvettes it is virtually impossible because of the layout of the system. I guess that I have vented enough:mad I still have about four more hours of work to do on the *&^%$^&&& car tomarrow and god only knows how much I have screwed up. My wife thinks that I have gone insane:crazy I really just want to sit down and :cry Oh yea where does this orfice tube go?:confused

Trent, it's never too late to...



Been there. Just keep the goal in sight. You are doing this yourself for a couple of reasons.

1. Save a few bucks.
2. So you know it was all done-and done right.
3. Learn a new skill.
4. Be able to service it or any other in the future.

At least you will have some good war stories to tell while your friends are riding around with you in the frosty air. Your story will be a whole lot more fun to hear than the alternative. Let me give you an example:

Yah, the air is ice cold. Just dropped down $1,200 on the old master card and left the car at the shop last week.

Where is the fun in that? Okay, I bet right now $1,500 would seem like a bargain for somebody else to stand on their head and change these parts.

BTW-you might go back and check some old threads on the subject. Most people have trouble running hot after getting the a/c going again. With the 134 you may want to consider a small pusher fan. Go back and check all the radiator seals, lower spoiler, fan clutch, blah blah blah.

Good luck.
Chris, thanks for the motivation. I'm really doing this because to be honest, I just don't trust other people with my car. These cars were just not designed with the mech. in mind. I just wanted to make sure everything was done right. What makes me think that I can do it right is the million dollar question.

Ken, Yea thanks for the advice. Where in the he_l were you when I started talking about doing this.:)


Why in GOD's name did you want to change to the R134a? I still keep dumping R12 in the ole Nutmeg (it ain't cheap but it's plenty available) and I can chill Veggies in my lap it blows so cold. File this in the "Lessons Learned" file....... Keep it Original! 19K miles... my GOD man, it's still brand new! I'll bet Brooke is havin' a fit. :D Anyway, since you're already half done keep plugging away. I'll be thinking about ya sippin' my COLD brew in my fancy Corvette "brake Lever" cup holder.:beer

....... Nut

I have no idea why? Well, if you ask Brooke its because I am a cheap SOB. The biggest reason is that every and I mean every A/C shop I tooke it to had a different cause for my sys being empty. I got everything from a bad compressor to a severe leak somewhere, to bad accum. to bad condensor and everything in between. The only consistant thing was price. Not one under $700.00 for the fix. Most wanted to convert it anyways because of impending enviro laws. But its all bullshi_t!!! It turns out that none of these mechs. were right on their diag. After all that I have went through with this project it seems to have been a bad cycling press. switch the whold time. I have to pick one up on Monday and I will let you know how it turns out. By the way Brooke says hello.

I feel for you. I'm with Nut, keep dumping R12 in it. I had to add another since our trip, but it is cold, cold. I just want mine to go staight when I am driving and sipping my favorite beverage. You have a "great" car, quit calling it all those nasty things. Definately coming in next week and will call. Say hi to Brooke.

Rob says "Hi" too. He has got himself a serious "woody" over a '94 Z28 we're looking at this week. There was a '77 Red coupe for sale too but State Farm said "No way Jose" and that was that. Personally I don't see much difference from a Z28. Anyhow, I was in the same boat before BG. A/C dead. Just needed freon, but 2 scumbags told me the whole system was shot. HA! Tell Jeff we said "Hey" from the Peoples Republic of MD. Let us know what the final outcome ends being.

Best Regards.......... Nut and Rob
2 cents from the DoG

Gotta give you a lot of credit Trent. I wouldn't even attempt to go there since I'm no wrench, I've got no patience, and I still do my best work with fork ~ knife ~ 7-iron. :upthumbs
As soon as I even fooled myself into attempting to try it, and anything went wrong... :r ...so I support the auto mechanic industry big time. :gap

Nut ~ if you're chillin' veggies in your lap...you must be freezin your nuts off. :L :L

Jeff ~ think you'll be just in time to drag out Trent for a cold one..or two :beer

Hey guys,

Trent, I admire you for giving it a try. Around here the only tools used are to build with wood and nails. LOL

BTW.................our a/c doesn't even cool me off, much less freeze veggies or anything else. I guess the 100K + didn't help with the air. hehehehehe.

Lots of luck Trent.

Yes!!!!!I am the MAN:D :beer :Roll :Twist This little $12.00 pressure switch fixed my A/C problem. Got 30psi low side pressures and around 200psi high side at 85 degrees. 42 degrees at the vents. I have worked on this problem for a solid week. Have tried everything known to man to get this A/C sys. fixed and it came down to a little switch. This little project has about driven me insane but I have learned a lot about this system. Got a lot of good info over at aircondition.com. I am back on good terms with the great white again. I thought it was going to take a huge chunk out of my a_s this time.


Way to go Trent !! Think Jeff should treat you to the cold ones for sure, now !!:beer

~~Stay Cool~~
Boy I wish a "switch" would fix half my problems at work. Good goin' Trent. Hey DoG... I hear you left coast guys can't fix anything on your own unless you are OSHA, ISO9000 or work for PG&E? :D Freezing my "nuts" off? In a C3 Vette? Just being a "nut". The on a good day the A/C happily counteracts the heat blast from the floorboards. Bev is right. Not much you can do when it's 100+ back yonder. Jeff's a good man when it comes to buyin' the brews. Just keep a lid for the peanuts. LOL....

..... I remain: The Nut
Im a backyard mechanic and make my share of errors doing alot of my own work too, not to mention spilled blood..lol.
but Im much much more forgiving of my own errors than I am with someone elses! Plus I know when I scr..w up and can go back to it after a little rethought.
...Ditto Chris McDonald..

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