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Does anyone have any Corvette Tattoos or any tattoos they like to share?

Jul 28, 2016
East Tenn.

Ever since I was knee high to a grasshopper I have always loved old hotrods. My dad was big time geared always buying fixing amd selling just about anything and everything fast. Especially Chevrolet. He loves 55,56,57 model Chevrolets Belair Posts Hardtop and Convertible and he loved his Chevelle also mainly 66-67 and just about any year Corvette his favorite were 63-67 & when I was young he bought my mom a low mileage 64 Stingray coupes with A-C & restored it to a beautiful car. This was probably early to mid 80's. It had lower 80,000 miles on it then. My mom got sick with Stage 4 cancer and lost her battle in 2012 but we still have her 64 and it still only has low 80,000 miles on it not sure of exact number off top of my head. So after she passed I knew that car was hers so in memory of her and him for all the hard work he did restoring it I took photo of the Corvette Stingray logo just to the right side of the rear next to the gas tank and I was in process of buying a 2014 Stingray since they had vmbrought them out of retirement. So I took the 64 logo and my 14 logo off the fender and had this tattoo done. I hope it loads on here because I'm not the best with computers. Anyways I would love to see anyone else's Corvette tattoos if they have any and if no Vette ones feel free to show any tattoos you have. Thanks for reading this and I really appreciate you welcoming me to this awesome site with fellow Vette lovers.
Oh and if there has already been a similar thread on this then I'm sorry I'm new to this site and computer technology.

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