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Door Panel attaching hardware



In my door freshening up project I find myself confused about how to reattach my panels.
When I took them off there was a series of small metal peices (they look like small house door lock plates) screwed into raised sections in hard foam at the back of the panels. The assembly manual shows a plastic fastner that attaches to this plate and gets pushed into the holes in the door.

I can't find these fastners anywhere.

Corvette Central sells velcro fastners (which mine never had) which attach to the door in little recesses perfectly, but don't correspond to any receptacle on the door panels.

Through Zip products I found "clips" listed to attach the panels. Again they (2 per door) screw in very nicely to the door but again they don't seem to have a place to attach to the panels.

I'm sure I can fabricate something but I shouldn't have/want to.
Do I have a mismatch between the door and the panel??

That is kind of strange. Both my original doors and replacement have the little plastic velcro tabs with matching plastic on the door panel. A couple of the door panel side pieces tore off the door panel and stayed stuck to the door.

Seems like a pretty good system. I think you will do fine with the velcro replacements.

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