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door panel cleaning



I have tryied several different cleaners and can't seem to clean the interior door panels. I even used sos pads. Does anyone have cleaner that can clean the inner groves of the door panels?
Castrol...Super Clean.

It cleans everything. Use it to take all the streaks and such off the windshield, it will remove all the wax from your car, it will clean the tires like no other, it removes all the film, makes the armor all on the wheels look much better. Anything greasy will become squeaky clean. I buy it by the gallon...
I have tried the Super Clean and same results, it did not work. I have finally come to the conclusion that the interior parts need to be painted. I purchased the special primer and paint (Corvette America). I did a sample part and was a good match. The key is to clean all the parts well, which the Super Clean will come in handy.

I also have a couple of cracks in the hard plastic. I did a little research and found a product called Plastafix. If it does what it claims, I should be able to repair and paint all the interior (plastic) parts. The product even claims to be used to fabricate missing section of the plastic. The product is very expensive $30.00 for a small amount, but worth it if it does what it claims.

Has anyone had any experience repairing plastic interior parts??? No hits on a search.
Super Clean is the best cleaner I have found but it can't work miracles. It does really take off any grease and wax. It will also take all the oil out of your skin so wear gloves or don't get your hands in contact with it.

As far as the door panel goes the paint they sell for that purpose seems to work pretty good.

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