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Door window seals



Well I had fun this weekend. I replaced the inner and outer window seals for the driver side door. It had a few surprises for me but went well. After wrestling with the inner panel, the lock slide did not want to come out of the insert very easy, I got to the heart of the matter. The inner seal is stapled to the door panel by some very impressive staples, I used a set of diagonal cutters to persuede the staples outdoing my best to save them all. In some places the plastic at the top of the panel and elsewhere was broken so I welded the plastic back into place. The seal has a hole in the middle of it which is used to center the seal on the panel. I then drilled holes, the size of the staples, through the seal and panel to allow the insertion of the used staples, then I used a pair of channel locks to bend them back over, looked just like new when finished. The outside seal was fun, in that it had three poprivits holding it in place, so I drilled out the old ones and removed it. There are 2 bumpers on the door that keep the window in place, these had to be loosened and moved as far back as possible to allow room to drill and install the new pop rivots. YThe old seal had tips that mated up with holes on the door to keep it in place. I guess GM made an upgrade as the new seal had claws in place of the tips. You had to roll the seal backwards and get the first part of the claw in the hole, once started it was just a matter of running down the line to get them in and set. I hope I never have to remove this one, that could be a bear. Once that was done I got three new pop rivits and locked it down. Then it was just a matter of putting it all together. The new seals made quite a difference from the pieces that were there.
I found that when I replaced mine that the seal was to good! Lol I found out the window motors were not exactly up to spec they have a real problem going back up now =( oh well

Anways hows your motors after you did this are they a little slower now? :eek
Well Sir, there is a method to my madness, the whole door was possesed, everything was intermittant, so it was just another reason to tear it apart. The window was slow in the first place. I removed the motor, took it apart, cleaned the brushes and contacts, greased all the appropiate places and put it all back together. I also put rainex on the window and seals to help it. vMost of the problem was all the connectors were corroded from the seal leaking as well as the top of the window. So I had to clean and coat all the contacts and put all the connectors back together. Now it all works great....no more Gremlins...
WOOT Gotta try that they want an arm and a leg up here for that Shootin motor!! thanks alot gonna try that clean the brushes thing this week!~!
:s :s :s

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