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Doug Nash 4+3

Dec 19, 2001
Canton, OH
1988 Flame red coupe 4+3
Jeff & Rich,

I also have an 88 with the 4+3 and I could be wrong about this, but if you're having difficulty with shifting into reverse, 1st, and 2nd it could be the slave and/or master clutch cylinder going bad. I'm sure that I read this in one of the earlier threads on the 4+3. You might want to check past postings for more info.



Well-known member
Feb 18, 2002
Bothell, WA
1987 Yellow Callaway TT Convertible & 2003 MY Z06
If I may butt in here...I am experiencing some minor problems with my 4+3. When at a dead stop I sometimes have a real problem going into 1st or reverse occasionally. Most of the time it's no problem. Also, it is not a problem at all to shift into 1st while still moving...it only seems to happen when I'm stopped at a light and then go to shift. Other gears are no problem.

What causes this--linkage adjustment? Clutch is relative new Centerforce unit and works like a champ in all other situations and I have no problems with the OD.


4+3 adjustment

Well I am getting some great info here, Thanks everybody...
I don't think it is clutch problem as I replaced slave and master cylinders last year and had a new line made since I couldn't find one. I will double check my fluid level though just in case. Also to get everyone up to speed I had my transmission out because of a vibration that was a bad pilot bearing. That is fixed so I am thrilled about that anyway... I have put new U-joints in drive axle and half shafts to try and fix that problem. When I had the tranny out I put in a new clutch through bearing and new seals in the tranny and changed oil in puting Red line oil in. So there is plenty of reason for the shifter not to be lining up exactly right. I know the manual says if you just unbolt the shift linkages it will bolt right up, and it pretty much has. I did have to get back under and shift it out of reverse after I had get everything together for some reason it was in reverse when the shifter was in neutral. I just unbolted the one linkage moved it one click and bolted it back up and it seems to be fine but maybe one of those plates is cracked or something. Well that should bring everyone up to speed on all the work I have done on it...
I could see where the adjustments were made on the rods but I think I will at least open the consul so I can see the top shifting movements. I just don't remember being able to see the actual shifting action. But I guess I was more worried about the tranny coming out than looking at the linkage and I didn't want to get them out of adjustment so I didn't play with them at all. How long did it take your mechanic to adjust it from the bottom side then Rich? Thanks All

88 4+3 Z51
Oct 30, 2001
Glen Burnie, MD, USA
1986 Bright Red Coupe
Adjusting from under the car, provided you can reach the back of the linkages, is trivial - it might have taken him 15 minutes.

Regarding the other possible causes for this problem, I too have a new master and slave cylinder, throwout bearing, clutch (both centerforce), pivot fork and bearing, and something else that I can't remember (old age :( ). Before anyone thinks it's the centerforce causing the problems, they existed before the clutch was replaced and any of the above was done - and the old unit was stock.


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