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May 18, 2003
Orange County, CA
1991 Turquoise Metallic Coupe
Last Xmas weekend, the wife and I took our Corvette out for a daylong drive in the mountains and deserts of North Eastern San Diego County, CA. This part of Southern California looks like it came straight out of that Marlboro commercial. Remember those? They called it Marlboro Country. I like to think of it as God's country.
We covered about 350 miles. We drove in a variety of roads from freeways, to mountain twisties, to long open straights. This was also the first time I took the Vette out with my Escort X50 radar/laser detector. That single device made me feel more confident when I opened her up. We didn't encounter too many CHiPs but when we did, our Escort would warn us well in advance of their presence. It's like having the keys to your prison cell. Open whenever you wish!
Anyway, out there, where the roads were wide open with miles of visibility, and very little to no traffic at all, I was able to really put our Corvette on its paces. What a satisfying car to drive! It was a revelation to put the pedal on the floor and be able to keep it there! The 'Vette can accelerate up to triple digits quickly and hold that speed easily. And when the roads got twisty, that wonderful chassis with its near 50/50 weight distribution, superwide tire contact patches, and the power to take full advantage of its handling was a Godsend. What a rush it was to exit a corner, give it full throttle, and feel the car dig in from the rear and use its deep well of torque to catapult itself to the next corner. Even when pushed, the 'Vette remained very neutral with no tendency to understeer, and exhibited nearly zero body roll with the suspension set to "Perf". At the higher elevations, the reserve of power was welcome as the 'Vette never felt lethargic in the thinner air.
All in all, it was a great experience to drive the Corvette the way it was meant to be driven. In the open roads where nothing really holds it back, no traffic, no cops, just the car, the driver and an enthusiastic passenger, and great roads, the car takes me back to the good old days when I first started driving and enjoyed driving for driving's sake. What makes it even better in the Corvette is because of its great performing chassis and powertrain. There is nothing like the sound of a V8. There is nothing like the torque it produces at low revs, which feels like it never stops delivering. And there is nothing like driving the Corvette in God's country, where it is free from its reigns and unshackled from the constraints of the city. What a great experience!
Corvette in God's country. Can you believe this is December?

Yea, but the only bad thing about, IT'S STILL CALIFORNIA!!!! LOLOL!!
Hi Rouge, congrats on your excellent description of a good Corvette drive...however, hopefully your Escort has an 'illegal alien' button as eastern SD county is just a freeway for the illegals. There are good roads to play in SD county but at the end of the day, it is going to be nothing more than a Mexico North. You must be aware of I-5 and I-805 and I-15...the worse example of planning in the US. For me, it used to be fun to run up through Trabuco Canyon, Saddleback, over the pass from SJC to Elsinore, but the traffic now sucks..you could even let it go on the 60 to Palm Springs..but those days are over.

We left a year ago and will never go back. The opportunities for driving, as you describe, are endless here and no one will ever bomb Medford, God willing. If your job and economics work out, get out of there as fast as you can....

This note is a bit 'political' as to illegal immigration (aka, a crime) so if anyone is offended, please take the opportunity to KMA..

Life is too short to not take every opportunity to take the Corvette out for a fun ride where ever that may be...
Rouge, just remembered an example of one of our road runs to the coast up here...I was just going around a corner or something and nailed it....the rear kicked out a bit...and Susan said.."why did you do that..." I replied..."because I wanted to..." ahhh...the Corvette..
Hey Ted,

Eastern SD is indeed just a hop-skip away from the Mexican border. But if you've ever been around that area, Palomar Mountain, Borrego Springs, Julian, etc., you'd be hard pressed to know. In the years that I've been cruising around that area on my bike and car, I have never seen any illegal aliens running around. I do see some Border Patrol cars and the occassional checkpoint. But surprisingly, Mexicans are not that well represented there. Besides, there aren't many people because it's sparsely populated. The roads are great too. SD County does an excellent job of maintaining the roads out there. Really! They do.

The amount of traffic has increased in the south Orange County area. Mainly from the uncontrolled development and urban sprawl. All the previously scenic and pleasant drives around south O.C. is gone, replaced by urban development. Lake Elsinore is a sprawling city now. However, the I-5 along Camp Pendleton is still a great little cruise as development there is zero. I-8 is also a great little drive, even scenic in some places. Still very little development around it.

It does blow that I have to drive an hour from my home to find wide open spaces to really play with the Corvette. Oh well. It could be worse. I could be in NYC! Hahah! As for moving, I can't imagine it. I love California. Socal isn't as bad as some believe. Plus, I love the desert. And have you ever cruised around the Central Coast of California? That is another God's countryside there. Sparsely populated and filled with many scenic roads that just begs to be driven fast! Perfect Corvette country.
Here's another photo taken in Eastern San Diego County. This is down near the Anza-Borrego Desert state park. In the background are the mountains right before the old mining town of Julian. Notice the lack of illegal aliens in the distance. :L Seriously, check out the road. Smooth and empty. The twisties are up in the mountains. That's the wife waving from inside the Vette.
Here's a photo of one of the roads around the Central Coast of California. The Corvette is behind me. The coast is also about 15 miles behind me. This road lead inland through vineyards. If you've ever seen the movie Sideways, this place is around there.

Well done Rogue!
Nice story and great pics. I enjoyed them, even though my car is under wraps for the long harsh Northeast Ohio winter :cry
I love that picture! Good photography!

Actually, I am trying to move to San Diego (once I find a job as a lawyer), and am very familiar with the area (Dad in Navy, I surf) and the roads---both are TERRIFIC! Incidentally, a great drive is also to go over the mountains to the Salton Sea. Most of the crowds in California are along the coast, and Americans are really weird about NOT getting off the main highways when they leave town. In California, once you get a little inland the roads get empty and are great. My father still remembers a great drive we took up to Mount Palomar in our (then) new '65 Mustang, which we still have, incidentally.

/s/ Chris Kennedy
Houston, Texas
San Bernadino, Riverside and Orange counties usually have openings for attorneys, both in prosecution and the public defenders offices. May not be what you are looking for but I thought I'd pass it on. All are within a hour of San Diego. Might open some doors for you.
Larry's Yellow Rdstr said:
San Bernadino, Riverside and Orange counties usually have openings for attorneys, both in prosecution and the public defenders offices. May not be what you are looking for but I thought I'd pass it on. All are within a hour of San Diego. Might open some doors for you.

Many thanks for this good suggestion, and I'll follow up on it. I also have several other avenues working. Luckily, I am licensed to practice in California so that helps, as well. This move is something I am really looking forward to.

Thanks, again,

/s/ Chris Kennedy
Houston, Texas
boy i miss those hills!! i was stationed at Norton AFB and then March ARB from 1985 to 1999. lived in Redlands for some and then in highland. not to bad here at Andrews though. but still not as warm as there!!

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