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Dymags on Ebay

Those are awesome wheels. I would love a set of those. I recently saw a set in great shape, 17X9.5 & 17X11 go for $4K

The reserve is met at $1600.....Im seriously thinking about bidding on these.
Josh - Just buy a TT with the Dymags already on it.

The ones that just sold for $4k are Corvette Dymags... not Callaway. I should know, I bought them. ;) What is the difference? Nothing other than that they say Corvette rather than Callaway. That and the fact that the 11" are ZR1 offset.
Well, so much for that. I just looked and the seller has apparently ended the auction early. :mad
I was just thinking it would be nice to have a back up set to use for most driving tasks, to keep from tearing up a mint set.
They were originally listed with no reserve for about $500. I was waiting for it to get closer to the end to bid on them and then I see the item was pulled off and relisted this time with a reserve :-(

I lost out this way as well a couple of weeks ago because I hesitated. See http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/e...&showTutorial=0&ed=1015183037&indexURL=0&rd=1

I e-mailed the user but they did not respond. Oh well... someday I'll get Dymags for my '91. They are on the invoice but I guess Callaway had run out of them by the time my car was built.

Luigi - The link you posted sounds like the wrong wheels. (No picture.) The one Josh posted is for the correct 17x9.5" five spoke Dymags. I did get a reply from the seller on those and he claimed they were all perfect. But for some reason he only had access to one for the photos? Sounds fishy to me. The one pictured also seems to have obvious curb rash but he claims it doesn't.

It ****es me off that the seller ended the auction. The reserve price had been met. I don't think he can legitimately do that. Of course, he'll probably get away with it unless the high bidder raises hell. Even then Ebay is pretty worthless when it comes to resolving issues.
He sent me a zip file of the wheels.....they did show some slight paint issues around the very edge. Curb rash? Not sure the pics weren't that great, but over all the wheels looked pretty good.

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