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Dynamic Lettering Kit


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Jul 18, 2001
Durham, NC
2002 Flat Black Z06
Not sure if this is supposed to be in the Technical Forum but it is for C4 Vettes. I just bought a Dynamic Lettering Kit from MAD. It's in their new parts section. The catch with these letters in they become reflective at night when headlights hit them. I wanted to put lettering inside the embossed/stamped letters on the rear of the car to get a better look. These have a little flair to them. I put the pics on my website. I need to get better pics but I threw these on quick just so you all could see them.
Just click on the WWW link under my post and let me know what you think. There are 4 pics. First is the car without, then with them, then two in the dark with a cars headlights hitting them.
My car is red so I got the black letters. Kinda like the earlier C4s that had the raised letters on them. They also have reflective red that would look good on a black car.
Looks good to me Graham, but I've gone back-and-forth a few times depending upon my current mood. Sometimes I'll have the letters blacked-out, sometimes body-color. ;)

_ken :w
Thanks guys. With a red car, red reflectors, and that small LT1 logo (in red/black) I wanted something to make a difference in the way the car looks. The black lettering just gives it that nice addition. And having them reflect at night doesn't hurt. My wife followed me last night on the highway and told me they looked good and she saw them change as she got closer to the car.

I think MAD advertised that they are also good for 4-7hp gain :eyerole

Hey Len, No I wasn't first in flight in NC... Haven't decided on a vanity plate yet. There are just too many of them around here. I'll have to think of something original before I do that. Maybe something like ACETONE :L :L

Vanity Kills

I have two vanity plates. My Ninja reads "XLR8N" and my Vette reads "YU DEVIL" (she is red and reminds me of Liz Hurley in Bedazzled :)) Actually, from the original paperwork and reciepts I found out that that was the plate the original owner in Virginia used so I got it to get "back to stock"
I like it

I put them on my shopping list also.

My plate ---- TIKETB8

(for the impaired --- "Ticket Bait")

Maybe it will put the cop in a good mood as he is walking up to give me my ticket.
Yeah buddy!

I own that one on DVD and it has turned into one of my favorites. You know you like a movie alot when you start to memorize the dialogue...even the spanish. Copias doublas! AAAHHHH HA HA HA! I even bought the Best of the Gipsy Kings to get "Bem Bem Maria".

Back on topic, GREAT lettering. I have the plate so no lettering for me but the front license plate insert is a candidate.
Glad you guys like em. The regular lettering kit is about $20. Those Dynamic Letters cost $60. I know, I know, that's a lot for a lettering kit but I just couldn't help myself :D
They also have the smaller letters for the front plate insert. I just couldn't pull myself to spend $50 for the front kit. I may buy the $20 kit just to get the black letters for the front plate.

Seen a couple of cars around here with variations on Accelerate. And stuff like INXS. I was just going to get 92LT1 but I think it's taken. And then there is just about every SUV in town with some really wierd ones... :(
And yeah NC allows 8 letters so you can make some interesting things if you're creative. My favorite is still 2FST4U :cool
Wow, that does look good. Especially at night. Hmm...I've got a black Vette, so I guess I would go with the red lettering. Or perhaps, go with black lettering and it wouldn't be obvious during the day, yet glow real nice at night under lights. I might just have to do that.
It looks like the letters are flush to the surrounding body, do they protrude any or are they indeed flush?
They do look good at night. The pictures you see are from the flash of the camera also. My wife and my friend both say that the black ones turn a silver/grey in headlights, definetely reflective.
On your black car the letters would disappear during the day for the most part. Then they would show up at night. I'd still like to see the red ones on a black Vette though (just personal opinion).
I've had my car parked next to another red vette that is an exact duplicate of mine. The black lettering just stands out during the day and adds definition. And looks cool at night.
They are not thin like tape. But you don't have any big bulge sticking out of the car. You will see they are raised a little when you get close. Take something like a man's black pocket comb. About as thick as the body is as best as I can think of at the moment.

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