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Edelbrock IAS shocks: Anyone using them yet?

John Ulrich

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Oct 15, 2000
Eagan, MN, Scottsdale AZ
1981 Two Tone Claret, 2014 CRT Roadster
Any feed back on the ride quality of this shock.
I see '63-'82 are listed in the application guide.

IAS = a definite Yes!


I hate to see an unanswered question especially about shocks. :)

I have Edelbrock IAS on my 92 GMC Jimmy. I know it's not the Vette, but I can still tell you how they feel. :)

I've had them for 2.5 yrs. and the ride is great! The truck stays level on hard corners, it firms up over bumps and rides smoothly with normal driving. My truck handles extremely well and I feel confident with these shocks. If I didn't, I wouldn't have them on my everyday car. IAS shocks self adjust, from performance to touring as your driving style changes.

Three years ago, the Guldstrand GS-80 Corvette, was used to develop the IAS as a performance shock. After months of development and testing, they proved themselves to be excellent shocks for either performance or touring. The shocks were very impressive and held up to quite a bit of punishment.

The shock was a prototype when it was used on the GS-80, but today it uses the same valving as it did then. The IAS are fabulous shocks for everyday casual driving, but when you need to flex your cornering muscles, the IAS won't disappoint.

Hi Shay,

Thanks for the input!!!

I have found out from a nice customer service rep at Jeg's who called the factory, that they are still on backorder with no shipping date yet!!!

Jeg's will sell them for $89.99 ea.

I'm looking for softer manhole cover reaction as
well as tar strip bumps. What has your experience
been with these on your vehicles with regard to
road imperfections.

I use this same shock technology on my snowmobile
and it made a big difference. Hoping it rubs of
as well on the road!!


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