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Edelbrock Preformer on a '74 L82


Bob Bell

I am looking for someone who has installed a Edelbrock Preformer Model 21011 on a '74. I have a couple of questions and would like some help.
With the stock Quadrajet, where you able to use the stock air cleaner assy? Did it require any modifications? Did all of this fit under the stock hood?
the performer will fit under the hood but not the performer rpm.
I've heard some conflicting opinions about that. The performer intake is taller than the stock intake, but the height difference is very small. Some say it will fit with the stock air cleaner, others say it will fit with the stock air cleaner minus rubber seal. Another guy said he made a thinner rubber seal using some kind of weatherstrip of appropriate shape. He gave the specs of the rubber he used, and I saved it somewhere. I can dig this info, if you are interested.

I'm taking the chances, and I'll soon get one for my car. I think that the worst that can happen is having to use this non-stock rubber seal.

Hope this helps...

The Edelbrock Performer will fit under the hood of a C3 and allows use of the OE and many aftermarket air filter assembly.

The Performer RPM will not fit under the C3 hood.
Does anyone know if the Performer Air-Gap will fit under the hood on a '75 L-48 with a 14X3 open air filter? The carb would be a Street Avenger 670. I know the Air-Gap RPM won't fit but according to the specs from Edlebrock, the Performer Air-Gap is only slightly taller than the Performer.

Edelbrock Performer on a '74 L82

You will need to use a drop base air cleaner mount. It will fit with no problem after that.
It will fit and u Will love it

U should throw the q-jet into ur stock room and ad an edelbrock 600 carb...My gas mileage went from 12 to 19 on highway..I have a 74 L-48 and she runs Awesome now.....Put a k@N on top and u have a nice set up!!!

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