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EDITORIAL: GM Needs to Communicate with its Dealers!

Bradan Donaldson

Staff member
Oct 27, 2020
Ventura County, California
2004 Z06

Chevrolet dealers are left in the dark about 2023 Corvette pricing as Motor Trend, Road and Track, and Car and Driver announce pricing for GM​

For at least a month now, Chevrolet dealers have known GM would release pricing for the 2023 Corvette on Wednesday, March 23rd.

However March 23rd came and went, and as of this morning, March 24th, dealers still have no clue what the new pricing will be for the 2023 Corvette. BUT, thanks to trusty car magazines like Motor Trend, Car and Driver, and Road and Track, Chevy dealers found out late yesterday morning that the MSRP for the 2023 Corvette would increase by $1,050.

This morning, Chevy dealers are still basically hearing crickets from GM.

Yesterday at around 5:30 PM ET, dealers received the following communication from GM:

Good report Bradan. I wonder if they are just going to let the customer fill in his own pricing. I may be able to afford one of these yet.


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