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EGR temp diagnostic switch

Oct 30, 2001
Glen Burnie, MD, USA
1986 Bright Red Coupe
While mucking around under the hood today, I finally broke the very frayed wire running from my EGR temp diagnostic switch (which is the sensor thingy that sits in the EGR pipe by the intake plenum). Local chevy dealers don't have any in stock; how critical is it, really? As I'm looking at the service manual, it seems to say in one place that it's used to open and close the EGR valve, but in another place it says the EGR valve position is defined by a number of different sensors, none of which are the TD "switch".

Safe to drive for a day or two? I'm figuring it'll run rich more than anything else if the valve doesn't open.

Also, I was looking at the switch with the idea of soldering it back in place, but not sure if connecting the wire to the shell would be sufficient (the way the wire broke, it's nearly impossible to put it all the way back).


Karl Snedeger

I'd give the solder a try. Can't hurt anything at this point.

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