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Electrical/Radio issue


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Apr 7, 2014
Let me start off that I've read a million threads, in multiple forums about the common Bose radio issues. It seems that the majority of the time the radio fails due to the receiver, bose relay or the Bose amplifiers. Now let me explain my issue.

89 vette coupe with Bose Delco system

When I first start the car and turn the radio on, the receiver displays the stations, time, etc... Sound comes out of 3 of the 4 speakers, which I'm ok with for the time being. I drive for about 2 minutes and all the sound cuts off. Receiver is still on and has all main functions, tuning, clock, volume, etc... So based on reading countless threads, my opinion would be that the sound cutting out is caused by a loss of power to the speakers. Yes or no? I took the car in for a coolant flush yesterday and my buddy told me there is a bad slice in my #3 wire causing it to ground out on something else under the hood. Could that be causing the issue with the radio? My next course of action is to check the bose relay since I can pretty much confirm speakers and receiver work. Does this sound like a potential bose relay issue? BTW car does not drain battery when sitting.

Any help is obviously appreciated! Thanks guys!

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