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I have looked in the "Corvette" book and I can not find where a 76 has a tach filter. I know that a 1980 does, I just thought all HEI Vettes had the tach filter. Any way I can't find it in the wiring diagram........Any body know???????????Your help would be appriciated...................Steve

I know a little about Electronics but without the schematic or wiring diagram I am NO HELP at all. I have the books for the L81, wish I had the 76 books. Hopefully someone out here can help you for a change;).

Hi dad!!!

Yeah, SS Vett
I am a professional corvette restoration specialist, I would like to answer your question ...
I dont know, my chilton book doesnt do a '76, only a '72,
Yea, And you better get to work early and finnish that 72.......Plus we have alot of other stuff to do too..........Steve......Opps, I mean.....Dad

:w Welcome SS Auto Jr. Can't let Dad have all the fun.
Teach him some respect Dad!

...... Nut
Popular Mechanics ( A name from the past) advertised a CD form of Chiltons and I heard it is GOOD but cannot find it on their site I'll check see if they have one for a 76 I need one anyway.

I have heard they were neat because they were on a CD, and they were alittle more detailed than the Chilton manual
or a Haynes manual, but I havent seen one for myself, I know Auto Zone has them, I,m not sure weather your 76 is available on one, but the C-4's up are.
.....SS JR

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