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Engine and compartment cleaning


72 Bluz

What's a quick, simple and easy way to do this? I've heard you don't want to powerwash. Is it as easy as buying some degreaser in a can, spraying it on and washing it off? I'm not trying to achieve show/NCRS quality - just to get a cleaner look on the engine and compartment walls.

72 Bluz
I don't use water at all. My engine compartment is pretty new looking but it still gets dusty. All I do is spray 2001 on anything black (plastic or rubber). Then I just take a cloth and wipe it off making sure I hit all the hoses. Doesn't take that long and it looks brand new when I'm done :cool

I think I've seen that in the shops. Can you use it on the engine as well? I want to clean the intake and other engine areas also as well as the compartment.

72 Bluz
2001 really only works on the compartment areas. Simple Green works great for doing the motor. When I had my car on a lift not to long ago, I did the whole undrneath with brake cleaner......

Jay, do you wash the Simple Green off or wipe it off as well?

Here ya go Ken



I don't use Simple Green on the ZR-1 becuase it'll stain my plenum and I've heard you're not really supposed to use water on the LT-5 at all. However, I used it all the time on my '85 and still use it on my pickup truck. First, get a platic grocery bag to place over the distributor, then just spray it on the motor, let it sit for about 5 min or so, and just rinse it off with a garden hose. After you rinse it, the best way to dry it is with an air hose otherwise you'll have to let it air dry.
When it's all dry, then finish up by spaying the 2001 evrywhere. Should look as good as new when you're done ;)


Thanks, Jay. Wish all my questions were answered that quickly and precisely.

Thank you, Mr Moderator.

72 Bluz/Bill :w
You da MAN! Now, it's off to the garage to make sure my 5 & 7 wires are separated! ;)

72 Bluz :w

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