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Engine Block Number`s


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Mar 28, 2001
Fort Worth, Texas
1972 Corvette (C3) LT1
I have found a burned 72 for part`s. The motor number`s on the block are 58D50242-On Top ,And V0413CMA On Bottom,Of the number pad. Any one know if this is a Corvette motor? Thanks EYESOFTEX :confused
I have a friend that has all the books, so I have never had to buy one. Anyway, he has been rather busy with some other things of late and I find myself in the dark to answer these questions.

There are some great reference materials you can locate and purchase through vendors on this site. Go check them out. I know I am going to soon.
CMA suffix

CMA is a '74 Impala/Caprice 350 2bbl with THM350 trans.

Block numbers

Thanks tom now i know what i`m buying ,EYESOFTEX I`ll Check The auto manuals on those numbers. well next is the heads,& the trans.:s
Not a corvette engine.

The CMA suffix was used twice. First in 1972 for a 307 tur hydro, Calif - 130hp in the A F X bodies. Again in 1974 for a 350 tur hydro trans in the A B F X bodies. Both were two barrel carb engines.


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