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engine decoding, please



A friend of me owns a 73 convertible auto.
VIN= 1Z67T3S402413
The engine numbers are =
What engine is this ?
Thanks Gunther

I don't have a book that new but I can say for sure that it is not a '73 Corvette engine.


Tom's right, not a vette engine.

The "T" in the VIN means it's supposed to have an L-82 and the rest says it was built in mid-Sept of 72, but those engine #s don't jive one bit. The "TBX" suffix, assuming that is the suffix, doesn't show up anywhere. Hopefully someone else here has a more extensive library than mine.

Best of luck to your friend.
That TBX suffix is a truck engine. It was used twice. First in 1970 as a 350 255hp in the C-10,20,2500,3500,3200 trucks and again in 1979 as a 350 155hp with a/t in the K-10 to 2500 trucks.

Thanks a lot.
My friend is happy as it is. He's not worried about originallity, but is still happy to hear that it's similar to the original engine, meaning having 255 HP.
Next time I visit him, I will check for the casting number and date.
Hopefully, it's a 1970 Type block.
Somehow, people here don't worry too much about this numbers matching business, may be except for some having low production, more valuable cars like big block high power cars.
Most just like the curves of C3 and the incredible torque of even small block Vettes. Most cars driven around here have 1,3 to 2,5 liters 4 cylinders only, some have up to 200 HP, but of course only at very high RPM and no torque.
I love my 68 big block always having too much torque and power at any speed or RPM. It's always sad when I have to drive my daily driver Opel Manta 2 liters injected toy.:r
Again, thanks alot for all your help.
Don't forget, that 70 engine would have been Gross HP while the 79 engine is Net HP.

Since it is a truck engine, bet it has 4-bolt mains. :)


The above URL may clear up some of your questions. As was previously stated, the engine is either a 70 or 79 and came from a van or truck. It was built in Flint, Michigan on January 2. The date should be cast into the block on the drivers side all the way to the back, right on top, where the engine and transmission come together.

I hope this helps.

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