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Well, I'm a new guy to the Corvette scene. An import fan to be exact. (no one's perfect) Anyhow I have been keeping my eye on a LT4 for some time now. It has just fell into my price range though. Now what I want is a nice sports car to tool around in on the weekend. Don't really care for the stylings of too many domestics. But this car has me in captivated. The thing is the guy who's selling it hasn't been too kind to it. Now the car looks great, and drives great. It currently has 68,000 miles on the clock. Now he purchased the extended warranty which will cover it until 100,000 miles. That is some what re-assuring. How is the reliability of these cars? I know it's par for the course for my Nissan to run up past 200k miles with ease. I would like to do a few things to make the car faster. I've actually been looking at supercharging. Now if I were to go that route, what would I need to do to strengthen the engine? If I were to purchase this car I would definately take it to a mechanic to have it checked but sometimes there's things that go unseen. So any tips/suggestions? Thanks
Oh forgot to mention, the car is a 96 he wants $15k for it.
I would look the motor over top to bottom for any signs of oil or moisture. I don't recall the LT-4 as having any kinds of leaking problems.......but ya never know. I would also do the same for the transmission. My ZR had a tiny oil leak coming from the front oil pan bolts and it was blowing all over the trans. The problem looked a lot worse than it actually was.
I would drive the car hard on the test drive. It should feel real tight. The LT-4 should pull and pull hard. How's the interior? The seats can get $$ to reupholster......
Good luck & keep us posted.

Also, noticed you were from Vero Beach. By any chance is the car going to be at Octobervettes in Kissimmee this Sat? I'll be out there as well as a bunch of vette gurus & would be more than happy to take a look at it for you.....

Well I have already driven the car. It pulls like crazy. I'm sure that he maintained it properly since his father is a collector. I'll take a better look at it and under it next time I see him. As far as the Vette meeting. I'm sure he won't be attending but I might be up for the drive. I'd like to meet some owners and possibly get some tips on buying, moding, etc.. Is there a post that I can go to, in order to find out more info on it? Thanks
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My opinion only, I'd be VERY careful putting a supercharger on any motor I didn't build to handle it. There are most definitely do's and don't when making that kind of modification. Why not "if" you buy it, drive it for a while and gather information in the mean time about modifying. There's a whole bunch of things you can do to make some ponies and torque and the more time you spend in here asking and listening, the more you'll learn.
If I'm not mistaking, I believe the compression of the LT-4 is too high to run a blower (if the motor is stock). However, I have seen built LT-4's with blowers.....

Yeah if I were to supercharge the car it wouldn't be for a while. I was just using that as an example for what I plan on doing to the car. This whole domestic car modification is new to me. Ask me anything about a Nissan and I'm good to go.
As far as Octobervettes goes I'm going to try and make it. Shouldn't be to hard pick out, probably be the only import there, :J So hopefully I'll get to meet some owners.
Matt4Nissan said:
...As far as Octobervettes goes I'm going to try and make it. Shouldn't be to hard pick out, probably be the only import there, :J So hopefully I'll get to meet some owners.

Sounds good. I'll chat with ya before Sat.


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