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engine squeak



My '98 coupe (27,000 miles) has made an intermittent squeak while in operation since I've owned it (18,000 miles).

The squeak appears to be emanating from the engine block, and can be heard when I put my hands on the top engine cover (engine off) and give it a little jiggle. The sound seems close to the top of the engine, but I can't be sure. (You can now also hear it when you open and close the doors of the car --vibration clearly triggers it.)

Any thoughts or suggestions much appreciated.
(Idler pulley already changed, without luck.)

HI there,
Is this while the engine is running or not???
Also, what side are you on???
NOw, is the noise there when the engine is at operating temperature, or when cold??/ Does temperature matter???
Please let us know and we can proceed.
Besttoyou, c4c5:hb
The squeak occurs when the engine is running. You can also make it squeak when engine not running by standing either side of the engine and by jiggling the engine cover. The sound is coming from below the cover somewhere. The noise is there, engine warm or cold. Sometimes you can hear it when you shut either door. Sometimes the squeak is loud, sometimes barely audible. From the driver's seat it sounds like its coming from in front right of you, under the hood.
Thanks for taking an interest in this frustrating problem.
Hi there,
Its sounds to me like either there is a motor mount that may be having an issue, or the exhaust pipe to manifold junction is giving a noise, due to flexing.
I would suggest that you first have all exhaust connections for tightness, with a torque wrench.
Confirm that the motor mounts are in good shape, and tight.
Also, check to see if the heat shields, and the o2 sensors are not contacting each other.
Please keep us posted as to your issue, and resolution.
Besttoyou, c4c5:hb

After more than a year of struggle, I think I have a fix. A mechanic identified a problem with transmission shield and housing. In the first half-hour of operation since the repair, no squeak. Still too early to be certain, however.
Thanks for your help.

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