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Engine starts hard



Hi all!

I'm from Hungary, and i'm a proud owner of a '89 Vette. My mechanics've just finished an almost complete overhaul on the engine (pistons, bearings, gaskets...). Before the service, it started immediatly, without hesitation, but now it's quite difficult to start. It cranks well, but usually when the engine "catch" and i release the ignition swith it fails to start. I sometimes hear that the combustion begins - but just for a second - and the engine usually stops. I always manage to start it, but usually just at the 10th times...

When the engine is hot, it's also difficult - not just difficult but impossible - to start, but if i wait for 10 minutes it starts ALWAYS at the first try!

The mechanincs doesn't have any idea, because they usually repair cars with carburateurs...

Can any of you help me finding out what should cause this? I have toexactly locate the problem, because its VERY expensive to order parts directly from the USA, so i don't have many opportunities (and money :) ) for trying and getting parts for my car.

Thanks in advance,



With that amount of work done it makes it hard to pinpoint. I would start with something simple like timing/ignition and go from there.
Good luck with the engine mods:w

LarryK 87

Test the fuel pressure at the Fuel rails, pump should run for 2 seconds to achive 47psi +/- before start up, it sounds like the pump is not energized, which requires the Oil pressure to come up before the pump will now start and give you the needed pressure


You can look at the oil pressure sender and make sure the is no loose connections. If my memory serves (yeah right), the distributor wont spark unless the ECM detects oil pressure. Try getting a code off of it, check for spark-timing-fuel-fuel pressure and let us know.

Also is the starter doing its job? I mean if it cranks slow, wont that affect things too? Just checking because you mentioned it being hot and hard to start.

I dunno.....my2cents

Good luck!

PS I had a problem somewhat similar on my 84 and the pin for the distributor drive gear was sheared. It would spin freely with the cap off but it would stop spinning with it on. That took FOREVER to figure out.


Thank all for the tips, i'll check the pressures and the ignition/distributor at this weekend. I hope i'll be able to find the problem...


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