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engine woes


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Sep 18, 2005
ok im going crazy depending on what path i should take. As we all know i got the bad end of the deal on my motor build using crap somg heads and rpm cam
. Well I was planning on using some vortec heads upgraded for more lift with a comp xe262 cam and an air gap intake. Well I have been pondering the idea of a crate motor. To do the top end pakage im right at about 2500 bucks give or take a few this is using the stock bottom end with 4 valve reilfe pistons that have a lot of carbon build up for a rebuilt motor with less than 1000 miles on it. I fiqure for a few bucks more i can get a motor i know was built well and comes with a 2 year 12,000 mile warranty. Well I am looking at this crate motor from Derebery Performance. Here are the specs

350 ci 400 HP 430 TQ $2,995.00

-Balanced Dynamically
-9.5:1 Compression
-6000 RPM Limiter
-Hyperutectic Coated Pistons
-Hyd, Roller Camshaft 218/228 @.050 with .502/.502 lift
-Vortec Hand Ported Cylinder Heads
-Dual Plane Air Gap Intake Manifold

link to website http://www.dpmpower.us/smallblock.htm third one on the page.

So my thing is would you go for the crate motor or just do the top end and cam swap on my current motor that was built by bubba.

Thanks in advance for the help.


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Jul 20, 2002
South Riding, VA, USA
1964 Red Convertible and 2005 DSOM Z51 Coupe
Check out www.enginefactory.com . I had them build a great motor for me. They will work with you to get exactly what you want. They built a nice 350 at about 420 HP for me at a great price.


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Sep 18, 2005
well i emailed them and this is what they sent me.

The Engine comes with a chrome oil pan, timing cover, valve covers and polished intake. The stock converter would be fine, but I would base an upgrade on what you plan to use the car for. The dyno sheet is attached. We do have carburetor and ignition options available.

Engine Specifications:
·Horsepower- 400+
·Torque- 400+ ft/lbs
·Compression ratio- 9.5:1
·Dyno-tested: Yes, includes harmonic balancer and flexplate
·Dyno sheet: Included with engine's output
·Vacuum produced: 12hg @ 800RPM
·Recommended fuel- 92 octane
·Max recommended RPM- 6000
·Block- Seasoned 4-bolt iron
·Crankshaft- Nodular iron
·Pistons- Hypereutectic
·Connecting rods- Powdered metal
·Camshaft- Hydraulic roller
·Valve lift:.520"
·Duration @ .050" (int/exh): 218deg/228deg
·Rocker arms- 1.6:1 ratio
·Cylinder heads- Ported Vortec
·Valves- Stainless steel 2.02 int/1.60 exh
·Valve springs: Heavy duty
·Bore x Stroke- 4.030" x 3.48"
·Intake manifold- Dual-plane aluminum
·Oil pan, timing cover, valve covers included
·Engine fasteners: High tensile strength
·Warranty- 12 month/12,000 mi

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