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Eureka springs

Must be the only ones.
If you haven't been to this event it is a good one. :thumb
One week away, a great place to see 800 plus Corvettes. :upthumbs
First time

I've had Corvettes for years but never joined a club or went to an event like this. Since I live only 152 miles from Eureka Springs, we decided to show up, even though we didn't know anyone and weren't members. It was AWESOME! That quaint little tourist town was turned into a rolling Corvette museum and hundreds upon hundreds of every kind of 'Vette were everywhere. Some even came from as far as Arizona.

The static show was kick-ass and featured many of the coolest, tightest ones I've ever seen. At one point, we were just driving around enjoying the town and the "traffic" and the streets were lined with spectators who cheered us every time my little red '95 went by. The town is neat in its own right, too, with rolling hills filled with shops and scenic vistas. Add the 'Vettes and what a great weekend!

We're going next year, but by then I hope to join the Tulsa Vette Set and optimize our trip as a member.

Waaaaaaay cool, folks! If you're within 300 miles or so, don't miss this amazing annual event.

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