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Excessive Oil Comsumption?

LJ Hawkeye

Feb 18, 2006
La Jolla, California
2001 Silver Coupe
This issue may have been posted previously, and if so I apologize. I have searched through the different threads, and haven't found a specific answer to my question.

My vette is an '01 coupe with 39,200 miles. Almost since I got it (ordered it from the factory) in November, '00, I thought it was using oil - roughly 1 qt. every 1,500 to 2,000 miles. I didn't get concerned, since I just assumed that was typical for that model (my previous vette was an '87). I mentioned it several times to my dealer's service department, but was always told that was normal. At 27,320, the dealer did an oil change and began an oil consumption test. I monitored the consumption, with the following results:
28,332 - 1 qt
29,373 - 1 qt
30,598 - 1 qt
31,371 - 2 qts
Each time I added oil, I spoke with my service technician and was told that the consumption was "normal".

Since then, I have continued to monitor the consumption, but haven't kept track. At 37,366, I reported to the dealer that in the last 1,700 miles, I had added 4 qts of oil. They then suggested another oil consumption test. I changed the oil at 37,652. Following is the usage since the oil change:
38,459 - 1 qt
38,865 - 2 qts
39,200 - Low Oil Level light came on yesterday, although the dip stick showed full at the time (engine hot) and now shows 1 qt low (engine cold).

Since my dealer's service department doesn't seem to be too concerned (when I mentioned my concern the last time, their response was, "Well, you have plenty of time left on your extended warranty, so don't worry about it."), I decided to get some outside advice.

I guess what I'm looking for right now is to get opinions as to if this consumption is in fact "normal", or could there be some other reason? I have never seen any sign of oil leaks on the garage floor. I would like to "build a case" before I go back to the dealer again.

Thanks for any and all assistance.

LJ Hawkeye
Oct 25, 2002
Lilburn GA
2002 Yellow Z06 (sold); 1999 Pewter FRC (sold)
LJ Hawkeye,
Welcome to the CAC.
Your oil consumption does not sound normal, it sounds high.
C4C5Specialist has mentioned that up to 1 qt every 2000 miles is normal. Hopefully he will chime in here.

From your log, it looks like you are using (best case) 1 qt every 1000 miles, with worse and worst cases of 2 quarts per 1000, and 4 quarts in 1700 miles. That does not sound ok to me.

Here is a link to a TSB that you may have seen already:



Technical Advisor
May 29, 2001
New Haven, Ct. USA
Nope, but someday.
Hi there,
That is correct.
GM specifications is that 1 quart consumption in 2000 miles is classified as normal.
More than that, should be documented by your GM dealership for 2000 miles and then verified.
Then a repair should be determined.
Allthebest, cfourc5

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