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Expensive Weatherstrip!!!



Why is the weatherstripping so expensive for c3's, or in general if thats the case. I need to redo all the weather stripping but at $235 for the set I would rather use that money for a stroker crank. By the way I plan to stroke the engine in the summer.

Can't I buy general stripping and do it that way?

How about it modman, any suggestions?

I'd seal it first ... unless

Cheapest new stroker crank I've seen is about $150 delivered. Then you'll need at least pistons, cam kit, machinework & balancing ... probably a different flywheel and damper. Then all the routine stuff for rebuild. Even a mild stroker's costs add up. Yea, the w/s is too darn high ... gotcha over a barrel! I doubt I'd have acceptable results if I were to use generic/std/bulk size stripping. But unless you need a rebuild, I'd fix the w/s first. April showers'll soon be here. I'm doing it bass-ackwards ... but mine requires a rebuild ... and has turned into a stroker project. Just my .02.
For $235 you're probably getting the whole 9 piece set. I would guess the reason it's more than generic is the 2 pieces for the t-tops have a bunch of plugs in them to help keep them in when you install them, the 2 behind the door glass have metal strips inside them with 3 holes for the rivets....there are 3 rivets on each side that have to be put in from inside the car. The 2 for the doors have metal mounting tabs on them, the 2 for the front pillar slide into mounting brackets. (the above applies to my 81, not sure how different the 69 will be) The only piece I could see using generic WS is on the hood.

If you do all the WS changes get someone to help out, it will make your day so much nicer. It's not a real pain to change them all but it takes a little patience and thought before you start the job. Get a good 1/2" scraper and some adhesive remover while you are at it. GM also used 2 different colors of glue, yellow and black, but I'm not sure what went to what year cars.

My suggestion, pay for the specific WS kit and you'll be much happier.
I replaced all of the weather stripping in mine this last fall. Best investment that I have made. The comfort level in the cockpit is well worth the money. I know it is expensive . . . what on a vette isn't? But a big engine is worthless if the rest of the car is falling apart . . . might as well drive an 88 Taurus . . . :)
You do have a good point rpounds. The engine has been rebuilt and is running just fine. Have gotten a lot of compliments on how "healthy" it sounds. So the stroker can wait but the weather stripping is expensive.

As for the build of the stroker I have made some connections with the mechanics and I have friends that can help me out to cut down cost. I also need to replace the front carpet which is about $130 smackers.

Thanks for all the advice

weatherstrip tip

Make sure to use the BLACK 3m adhesive.
Any and all weatherstrip is expensive, not just for Corvettes. It's a pretty intricate moulded item. If you decide to do it, buy the good stuff and do it right. I think $235.00 is pretty cheap for the entire "kit". You can and will spend a lot of time doing it. Chuck
Vettes are expensive? Think again!

One reason I love my Vette is because parts are so cheap! In what other sports car can you buy a replacement fuel pump for 25 bucks? $235 for weatherstrip doesn't strike me as too bad at all.

If anybody feels like their Vette is expensive to keep up, I suggest they go check out Porsche replacement part prices!
drooling over cheap weatherstriping

I wish I could pay only $235 for a complete set for my vette. If it makes you feel better, check out the complete set prices for the C4!
The vertical pillar (halo) alone is $149! For a complete set, the best I've found is just a bit under $700!
Yeah I see it from your guys perspective. Stuff for more modern cars are more expensive.

I am coming from a poor college students standpoint. $235 is half my paycheck. I don't get paid much as a research assistant.

Then you ask how am I going to pay for the stroker? I have A LOT of left over parts from the rebuid such as an aluminum pulley, fan, intake manifold, exhaust tips (monza kind), intake duct, rear gear (3.8) and some other small things that I can sell. I figure I can get $300 ,give or take, for everything. I am also saving my pennies but 235 bones is a big chunk of the budget. Like I said rpounds has a good point.


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