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Experience with PST "POLYGRAPHITE" Front end kit?


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Oct 3, 2001
Dublin, CA, USA
1994 Black/Black Coupe
Hi all,

Anyone had any experience with the "POLYGRAPHITE" front end kits from Performance Suspension Technology?


I want to tighten things up in the front end and rather than go piece meal, want to replace everything in one shot. $249 for the kit seems reasonable.

A friend that races his BMW replaced all bushings with Delren parts and is very happy with the performance, not so happy with the vibration increase. Are these parts similar to Delren?

All comments appreciated.

Hi Rick, I just finished installing the PST kit in my 85,I also bought the rear kit. It all went together very nicely. They were very good people to work with also. The only parts that did not come with the rear kit was the sway bar bushings. My car is not on the road yet ,waiting for the engine, so I cant give any feedback on the driving experience.
I don't think you'll regret replacing the rubber bushings with poly. :upthumbs

IraPlayer said:
... not so happy with the vibration increase. Are these parts similar to Delren?

Yep. ;)

_ken :w
I've got PST both front and back.

1st Vette and never drove it before installation so I can't give you a comparasion. But the car is tight and I am quite happy with it.

Dave, Ken and Rick

Thanks for the feedback. I know I want to go Poly, I was checking on the specific product from PST. Supposedly, the graphite impregnated parts are self lubricating. :BOW

Rick’s feedback sounds good to me.:_rock I have to replace the front lower ball joint anyway, I'll have everything in front done at once.

I’ll let you know.:upthumbs

Be careful to buy the black poly bushings they are the graphite inpregnated ones. If you buy the red,blue or any colored ones they are not.
Resto75, I'll make sure they are the graphite parts. Thanks for the heads up.:gap

Dave, I haven't found the rear sway bar bushings as a separate item on www.p-s-t.com. Did you get them or are they the only rubber bushings left in your car?:hb

I'll call and talk to them tomorrow about the sway bar parts and place the order for everything. :upthumbs

Ken, was your comment confirming the vibration and the similarity to Delren or just the similarity to Delren?:D

Rick , they dont offer the rear sway bar bushings thru PST....I'll most likely get them from mid amer. or ecklers Etc....My car is waiting for the engine so I havent done it yet . Its on the To-Do list.....:) Ecklers ,page 106,$29.99.....they are not grafite but they'll do . I havent found anyother place but PST that sells the "grafite impregnated bushings"......(almost sounds sexual:L..shame on me) :eek:
Rick, you spell it "DelrEn", but I found a site that spells it "DelrIn". Are we speaking of the same thing?

A general purpose thermoplastic material that is lightweight, non-corrosive, strong and economical.

Applications: Air, oil, water or gas supply and drain lines, beverage or food handling.

I meant "Yep" if Delren is the same type of material as the poly bushings. ;)

_ken :w

Delrin. Lazy fingers and/or a dead mind...

Rick, I ordered the rear sway bar bushings today from Ecklers( along with a water pump built by stewart.)

The shop I'm having do the work has ordered parts for me. (Cheaper than direct from PST and they have the sway bar bushings from another vendor (don't know who yet)).

I'll be having it done next week.

Delrin's harder than polyurethane

If I recall correctly, Delrin is a rather hard, stiff, non-pliable plastic that looks & feels a lot like Nylon ... and is considerably harder than the polyurethane found in suspension bushings. I'd expect Delrin bushings to give a much harsher ride than poly bushings. Come to think of it, I haven't installed them yet but I have some new rear C3 struts that a fellow made for me about a year back ... I believe their bushings are Delrin.
Rick, who's doing the bushings? Is it a suspension shop. The components can be pretty fragile if not handled right . Just curious.
Dave, I'm having it done by Roger Kraus Racing in Castro Valley, California. They were recommended by several local sport car owners and Solo II racers. They specialize in suspension / tire / brake end of racing. After talking to them, I have changed my mind on the PST parts. They have had good luck with the parts from Energy Suspension. They recommend (and I'm having them installed) zerts at all possible locations. Roger commented that while the PST parts claim to provide lube with the graphite, he's heard a lot of "squeaks" when they go by slow in a rough area.

For those who have changed all of the bushings etc. with Poly parts. How long did it take? (I'd like to get another opinion indirectly on the estimate they gave me!!!)

Thanks for the help all...the adventure continues...

Looks like you've made a good choice . Most racing enterprizes are experienced and knowledgable and do good work. As far as which parts to go with is usually dependent on the experience you've in the past . Energy suspension are of good quality also.
I did mine bushings over a period of time .The time it takes is to make the change out would depend on the equipment at hand .I'm sure its not cheap by any means for the labor.

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