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I just purchased a '99 Coupe with 19k that is still covered by the factory warranty until the end of Jan. 2002.

I'm just wondering if it's a good idea to pick up the GM extended warranty for 6yrs. - 60,000 miles.
This will cover the car until Jan 2005 or 60k whichever comes first. It is also tranferable at the time of sale for $50.00
GMPP 0 deductable

Hi there,
The finest warranty that I have seen is the GM protection plan 0 deductable warranty.
This warranty is very comprehensive, covering many things that others do not. It may seem like it costs alot, however, 1 oil leak on a c5 could cost as much as $500.
Plus the fact that you have 13 computers on board, and each one is at least $250.
I would do it, without hesitation, best to you, c4c5
I was leaning towards getting it, all I needed was a bit of direction. The zero deductable sounds like the one. Thanks.
It is a good idea to get it. I got one for my '99. The GM Protection Plan with 0 deductable. It cost around $2000, but it is well worth it. My brother had a '95 Z28 and got an extended warranty which cost him $1500. It paid itself out when he had to take the car in to replace all of the gaskets and the transmision mount. Cost $1700 total, ) out of his pocket due to the warranty. It will be well worth it down the road.

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