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Extened Warranty

Jan 13, 2002
'02Torch Red Coupe - sold
I'm sure that this has been discussed in the past, however....

I would like some feedback on extended warranties. I will be picking up my new '02 in a few weeks and I am looking for recommendations; GM, aftermarket, etc.. Deductable- zero, $100, $200, etc... Mileage / years 5yr / 60,000?? this vette will not be an every day driver.

I would highly recommend the GM protection plan over the others because you know you will be covered without the hassle of dealing with another company. It may cost more than the others but it is well worth it.
Thanks Danl72.
I used the search function on the "home" page and most agreed with exactly that advice.

You are welcome. Ihave the GM protection plan as well, and I am glad I got it. Even the minor problems are covered. I have the 6 year/100,000 mile warranty with 0 deductable.
Well I hate to be the wet blanket but I trust GM about as far as I can throw Hulk Hogan. I went with 1 Source and the good thing about them is you can take your car anywhere you desire. They contact the shop and pay with a corporate credit card. With my experiences with Chevy and Gm I wanted to stay as far away as possible. Their prices are resonable too. Check them out at www.1sourceautowarranty.com
I bought mine at the dealer and it has a$50 deductable. It cost $1500. I don't know if I got ripped off or not . I used it one time when the a/c messed up . It saved me about $400. I gave them a telephone number and they called and got a credit card number.
Thanks to leonm47 & les for the additional comments. I will sort through the advise and hopefuly make a wise choice. The botton line is I hope anyone purchasing an extended warranty dosen't eve have to use it! :nono

After market warranties

I was a Finance and Insurance Manager for a major California GM dealership. We sold both the after-market warranties and the GM Major Guard warranties. I STRONGLY urge you to buy ONLY the GM warranty. It is simply the best available.
Many after-market warranty companies have folded, leaving the owner without recourse.
With the GM Major Guard you will not experience delays, arguments and denials, and your claim will be addressed immediately-no calling the warranty company to see if a part is covered.
The deductable is up to you, but I have zero deductable and am glad I have it. If I have a problem I take the car to any GM dealer and the problem is taken care of-period!

2001 Z06
I have the 1Source with a zero deductible, 7 year, 100,000 mile policy. I had to use it about a month after I got it to have my CD changer fixed. They paid the dealer the full cost of $380. I think I paid about $1,200 for the warranty and it cover virtually everything.

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