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For Sale F/S: 1956 Corvette

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1956 Chevrolet Corvette
24,105 original miles (documented)
Asking $59,000 OBO
Original CA car, never left CA, stored for 39 years, high-desert car, 0 rust anywhere (except surface rust on exhaust).
Never restored, all numbers matching, no missing parts, lots of documentation.
(I work lots of long hours so email or leave message for me to call you back)

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Engine details:
Original single four barrel Power Pack 210HP 1x4 265ci, original born with engine from the factory. Rebuilt 1st time in 1965 with only 20K original miles to be used for drag racing. Bored 0.060" over, new pistons, ISKY cam. Rebuilt 2nd time by me at 24K miles. I had the heads totally gone through with all new seals and some valves replaced (kept originals). 1 head did need to be surfaced so we did both equally. Honed cylinders keeping the 0.060" over bore and pistons. Installed new cast rings, new bearings, new oil pump (kept original), re-used original solid lifters in original bores, kept ISKY cam, etc.

Other details:
Soft top only car with no options. I'm only guessing the car originally came with white wall tires but this is the only option in question. Car has all original chassis paint and grease pen marks, even the original spiral shocks. I also still have the original wheel cylinders, brake drums, fender stainless, and a box of other original parts like the original ebrake cable, speedometer cable, powerglide shifter and linkage rod, radiator, etc. Included will be other NOS parts like fuel filter, Carter rebuild kit for the 2366SA, gaskets, etc.

Car history:
1) Sold new at Starksen Chevrolet in Lancaster CA in Dec. 1956. Traded back into dealership 1961.
2) Bought by 2nd owner in 1961 from Starksen Chevrolet. Her brother painted the car red over the original black leaving the coves black due to the original paint being so crazed. She also recovered the seats and replaced the carpet. She installed a 1957 radio and an aftermarket heater. She also had a snap on tonneau cover installed.
3) Bought by 3rd owner Sept. 4th 1964 for $1,000 because 2nd owner was getting married. Had about 20K original miles at this point. This owner re-painted the entire car red again this time painting the coves red now as well. He bored the original engine 0.060" over and installed an ISKY race cam with a 245HP 2x4 setup for drag racing. He also converted to a manual and added exhaust cut outs. He only raced it once and hardly ever drove it.
4) Bought by 4th owner June 21st 1967 for $1,200 because 3rd owner was moving out of state. This owner only drove the car a few thousand miles before parking it in his garage in 1969 with 24K original miles. He didn't like how much power it had compared to brakes but since he met his wife because of the car he hung onto it. He did store it in his garage with a hard top set on it (mounting pins removed) and covered all openings with tar so nothing got in or out.
5) Bought by 5th owner in 2008 for $25K cash after being in storage for 39 years!
6) Sold to Coast Corvette in Anaheim CA in 2010. They changed the oil and fired the engine so they knew it wasn't frozen.
7) Bought by me June 16th 2010 for $38,5K + tax. I installed correct carpet, seat foam/seat covers, a new black soft top (original white top showed its age) and over the next year went through literally everything rebuilding it from the inside out so it would be safe and reliable but also keep it's original patina. Noting has been cosmetically restored unless it was replaced. The only item to be 100% restored was the original carburetor by Bob Kunz in late 2010 to NCRS standards. I've used correct original parts for the few minor things that were changed over the years, very few reproduction items but even those are as correct as could be found. Car still only has 24,105 original miles on it. I still need to rebuild the powerglide and ditch all of the manual trans components the 3rd owner added. I still need to re-core the original radiator too. I already have about $20K over what I paid for it into it at this point. I have paperwork such as pink slips, bills of sale, insurance documents, gas receipts, oil changes, owner info and current contact info, etc.

I am a member of NCRS and SACC.

Here are some of the currently known main part numbers with date codes:

Engine Stamp: 059I8 50F56FK
Engine Casting: 3720991, F76 (June 7, 1956)
Engine Assembly: June 27th, or a couple days later

Carburetor: 2366SA, F6 (CORRECT) (June 1956)
Starter: 1107627, 6F1 (CORRECT) (June 1 1956)
Distributor: 1110879, 6F26 (CORRECT) (June 2 1956)
Intake Manifold: 3837109, F216 (CORRECT) (June 21 1956)
LH cylinder head: 3725306, F266 (CORRECT) (June 26 1956)
RH cylinder head: 3725306, F266 (CORRECT) (June 26 1956)
LH exhaust manifold: 3731557, F26 (CORRECT) (June 26 1956)
RH exhaust manifold: 3731558, F27 (CORRECT) (June 27 1956)
Generator: 1102043, 6H15 (CORRECT) (August 15 1956)
Radiator: 56 H (CORRECT) (August 1956)
Fuel Pump: 4346 (CORRECT)
Brake reservoir: 5450233 (CORRECT)
Brake reservoir cap: 5300880 (CORRECT)
Trunk mat: 3723710 (CORRECT)
Water Pump: ????? (NOT original)
Voltage Regulator: ????? (not confirmed yet but I'm sure this is the original)
Horn relay: ????? (not confirmed yet but I'm sure it's the original)
Steering box: 5666181, difficult to read, could be wrong
Windshield: Shat-R-Proof, Safety Plate, ® WO LSG ASF (aftermarket replacement)
Driver's Door Glass: AS 2HV (CORRECT) (July 1956)
Passenger Door Glass:AS 2HV (CORRECT) (July 1956)
Soft top rear window:AS 686 (CORRECT) (Aug.)
Drivers door mirror: Y-50 (CORRECT)
Wiper motor: 5047924 (CORRECT)
Rear leaf springs: 3711550 (CORRECT)
Rear spiral shocks: 5530279 (CORRECT)
Rear end: AE, 3.55:1, round tag (CORRECT)
PG starter relay: 904 (CORRECT)
Engine to PG adapter:3836142 (CORRECT)
PG TQ converter: 33 bolts (CORRECT)
PG converter housing:3719243, G186 (CORRECT) (July 18 1956)
PG Kickdown Cover: 3719272 (not confirmed yet but I'm sure it's the original)
Dipstick Housing: 3709096 (CORRECT)
Right Side Cover: 3709050 (CORRECT)
PG main case: 3708134, G186 (CORRECT) (July 18 1956)
PG tail housing: 3727024 (CORRECT)


Let me reiterate just how original & correct this car is....

All of the following is original, cigarette lighter element, air cleaner, oil filler cap, trunk mat, shifter ball, wheel cylinders, master cylinder cap, ignition ballast, gas cap, complete factory off-road exhaust, the black dash paint, both mirrors, plus almost all other parts you could think of!

Matter of fact, so much is original, here is a list of what's not! Tires, brake shoes, headlight switch, valve stems & caps, soft top fabric, carpet, seat covers & foam, wiper blades, battery, spark plugs, spark plug wires, headlights, shifter boot, fan belt, radiator hoses & clamps, ignition coil, radiator cap, radiator shroud, & maybe a couple other small parts I can't think of. You get the idea. Even though these parts are reproduction almost all will pass NCRS judging & are the most correct parts you can buy.

The distributor was totally rebuilt using all genuine original NOS parts, I even kept the original factory distributor cap that was still on it.

The car still has the grease pen marks by the fuel filler neck, the assembly line job number grease pen mark on the firewall under the master cylinder, the Powerglide transmission has all of its original paint & grease pen markings. If this car still had its original black paint I would call it a survivor. This is the perfect time machine or base for a truly correct restoration, not a kit car restoration using no original parts like most.

When was the last time you saw a complete owner history (plus I have all names & current contact info!) and part numbers/date codes listed in the for sale ad for one of these?! This car has nothing to hide and nothing is faked or changed.
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I wish I was richer... Beautiful car! Good luck with your sale!!


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