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Dec 24, 2003
Conway, SC
'59 Blk/Red, '12 Crystal Red GS
For Sale: 58-61 2x4 Intake Manifols (cast # 3739653) very good condition; Corvette aluminum Valve Covers (with casting flaw) good condition; Upper Windshield Moulding (no sun visors) very good condition); two (2) Turn Signal Housings (complete with wiring and cancelling switches), (1) original in good condition, (1) repro slightly used; Steering Wheel Mount Hub; 091 Coil (believed to be good); Heater Motor w/Fan; Leather Clutch Fork Boot (never used); 58-62 Clutch Return Spring (never used); 53-62 3rd Arm/Pitman Arm Ball Stud (still in bag, never used); Repro Generator Tags; 56-62 Trans Mount Complete w/Crossmember, Retainer, Bushings, Bolts, etc.. very good condition; Tach Drive Nylon (large, new) and Steel (small, used) Gears; Turn Signal Cancel Switch (new), Turn Signal Lever (used, original), 4-Speed Shift Pattern on Console (1 new, 1 used); Convertible Top Tabs (Black) on Deck Lid (new still in bag); Complete Original Steering Column and Steering Box (recently rebuilt); 1x4 Air Cleaner, Sealed Type (used fair Condition; Radio Speaker Bezel (very good condition); Original Gas Fill Neck and Connector (used, good condition); Fuel Line, Pump to Filter (new); 2x4 Fuel Line, Pump to Carbs (used); Original Gas Tank (used, but believed to be in good condition.

Make offer on any or all; pictures available upon request.

Bernie O
These items have been SOLD: Intake Manifold, Steering Column/Box, Valve Covers, Upper Windshield Trim, Rally Caps, Turn Signal Housings, Turn Signal Canceling Cam, Turn Signal Lever.

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