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News: F Y I : How to remove KNOB and ROD from HEADLIGHT SWITCH :


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Nov 2, 2008
Port Allen, LA
1980 L82 Coupe, Black
I'm sure many already knows this or have already figured it out. I just did. I needed to replace my Headlight Switch and I did not know how, so I started reading. Everywhere I looked it mostly read the same. You have to reach under the switch and find the little spring loaded button. Press the button and pull the switch knob out along with the rod. But it went on to say how you have to do it just right for the rod to come out. You may have to play with it a little. Some that I read said to push in the button and pull the knob and rod out at the same time. Just about everything that I read said it may be difficult but to keep trying, it will finally come out. I did all that for over 30 minutes laying very uncomfortably on my back looking up under the dash with a flashlight, and I could not get that little *&^%#$ out. WELL THIS IS THE TRICK. You pull the knob and rod out all the way until it stops. Just like you would be turning your headlights on. NOW push the button in and pull that sucker out. That's it, at least it was on mine. I then tested the: He finally got lucky theory. After getting the switch out I pushed the rod back in 3 different times, and it came out like butter each time doing it that way. I also made a very special tool for reaching up and pushing that button. I got a paint paddle stir stick which is about 1 ft. long and 1 inch wide. I snapped/broke one end so it was about 1/4" wide, like a flat head screwdriver. Put that on the button and push and pull at the right time. Works like a charm. Hope this may help and save someone from a little frustration.:w
:thumb Nothing like first hand information... "That WORKS" :thumb

Thanks for taking the time to sure your experience... we now have an expert with late model C3 headlight switch removal... THANKS... :thumb


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