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Fabrication help...


Gone but not forgotten
Jan 30, 2001
Hermosa Beach, CA
1987 Z51 Silver Coupe
Some of you may have seen the post with the scan of my "Side Effects" exhaust system - it was pretty big, you couldn't miss it! :gap

Well, what I'm thinking of trying is running the exhaust straight from the splitter (see image below) to the side exit ports, eliminating the side weldments and sound chambers.

It looks like a pretty straight-forward job, I just need a recommendation for someone here in SoCal to do it for me, or someone that has done it before and wants to build another set. ;)

If you have any ideas, please express them here. And none of this please: :booty :L
That is going to be one loud son of a gun.

Any decent exhaust shop should be able to chop up the sidepipe kit. Looks like they will just cut off everything forward of the exhaust tip and route the splitter ends straight to the outlet.

the rest of the system will be pretty much ruined.
:L Loud? Probably a little louder, eh? Hehehe...;) But I'll still have the two primary cats as well as the main cat. :gap

Nah, I ain't gonna ruin the system Chris, I just wanna have somebody make up two pieces of pipe that'll come straight from the splitter to the exits. That way, I'll replace the side weldments completely, and I won't have to hack them up. ;)


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