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Factory Specs Documentation?



I'm looking for a bit of info that would tell me what the car was supposed to look like from the factory. Now I'm not going to go crazy and try for a 100% correct resto (wife and wallet won't allow that) but I'd like to make things like bumper height and gap and emblems etc... are all corect. I assume that the NCRS has this sort of info?
Tom73 said:
Sorry, got my com's and org's crossed up. :)

I hate it when I do that! It's painful. I once got my com so tangled up with my org I had to have it surgically removed...:eek

No problem. I couldn't resist. I took a look and that looks like what I want.
Yep. This is on the way. I just didn't know how much technical info would be in it. I guess I'll wait to get mine and then decide if I need the NCRS manual.


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