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I was at Walmart today and while I was walking back to the car I noticed that there was a promotion for a spray car wax out in the parking lot. Now I generally walk right past these type things but I stopped to check it out. One of the promoters asked me what kind of car I had, I told him a black vette. Well this was all he needed to hear and was begging me to let him test the wax out on my car. The 94 doesn't have the greatest paint job so I told him sure go ahead. He walked over to it and did the top of the fender and boy what a difference it made. He then tried another spot and wham it looked great. He just sprayed it on and wiped it off. After about 10 more seconds he lightly buffed it with a clean towel and he was done. This was all in the Florida sun in the middle of a parking lot.

I bought two cans of it at 10 bucks a can. Went home and pulled into the garage and went to work. I don't think it took 45 mins to do the entire car and it now looks great. What a difference !!!!

I have the 94 next to the 75 which has a show quality pearl paint job. From a few feet away the 94 looks better than the 75 that has about 5 coats of Zaino on it.

No I don't sell this stuff, in fact I never heard of it before today. Just thought I would pass it along. It might be the best thing for older paint jobs.


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