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Fed Ex came today! UPS next!


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
1969 Killer Shark
This was on my porch when I got home!

UPS should be here with the heads, cam, fuel injection etc. etc. next!


Ain't that a good feeling? :D Sorta like Christmas, eh Chris? :J


You are not kidding. That is one of the best parts about being a grown up and having a little disposable income.

One of the neatest parts that came today is the Pertronix points conversion. It will allow me to still use the cable drive tach.
It was such fun when I was doing my interior; for a few weeks there everyday was like Christmas! :D

Gary, the UPS guy, and I became good friends after that, as well as his fill-in, Kevin, when Gary was on vacation. :L

The UPS guy may be a pal now, but wait until the heads come, if their iron heads. My Ups guy just gives me dirty looks now, after the iron heads and Hooker headers with side pipes.
Maybe he'll feel better when he hears it run.

That sure is a purty picture ya got there:gap. I have one of those ignitor boxes in my garage but it's empty now;). I can't tell from the picture but is that the original Ignitor or the new Ignitor II? I don't know anyone with the new one but I'm anxious to know what it's all about.

- Eric
Oil pan

I remember Hib Halverson relating the problems that he had with aftermarket pans on his BBFH. Was this a consideration when purchasing your Milodon? I love receiving parts and luckily none of them have ever shown up damaged! Knock on wood. --Bullitt
wow..The Milodon oil pan..Ive heard of it lots lately, now there it is in living color..truly awsome looking. And the petronix to , congrats..:cool
1979toy said:
The UPS guy may be a pal now, but wait until the heads come, if their iron heads.

Aint Aluminum sweet in more ways than one? I guess the UPS guy won't be too upset with me. They actually came the same day as the fed ex package, but did not leave those parts on the porch. Those next five boxes are about $5k worth of goodies.

I have some concerns about the oil pan. Redmist put one like this on this small block. Other than nearly kissing the pavement, it looks good under his car. He and I both have the VB&P suspensions, and his car is lowered about like I plan on doing with mine.

The ignition is a Pertronix Ignitor #1181. My distributor was a single point unit, and that makes a difference when picking out an electronic upgrade. I spoke with several tech fellows about this product and hear more good stuff about the Pertronix for my application.

The biggest benefit for me is I am saving a few pennys, get to keep the original distributor housing, and I don't need all the other adjustable stuff as the ignition will be computer controlled. That was the logic behind this choice. Otherwise, if I was running a carb, I would get the same set up that Tom Conners is running now. Now he has some nice stuff going on that engine.

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