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Fiberglass Repair

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Dec 27, 2001
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If you place a light behind a repair to a fiberglass panel, (resin and glass matt) the light will show through the repair. Is there a method or additive that will prevent this. The Corvette will be painted on the exterior, and if there is high quality work the repair will not be noticable. How would the underside of the repair be treated to achieve an original fiberglass look?

Thanks! Ray
This is a problem alright. If a panel is replaced on the original bonding strips no problem but if you section in a piece where the under side is supposed to be unpainted I have no idea how to hide the repair. You could finish the inside as you would the outside in a wheel well where it will be blacked out.

Yes, BIG problem and one of my pet peeves. If you finish it like the outside you could get it too smooth. We are curently toying with a hood that we had to patch a hole the size of and air cleaner. The top is beautyful, it's the bottem we are trying to match. So far, we have primed it, very wet and padded it with a shop towel and added fiberhairs to the wet primer trying to give it texture. This will all be sanded down, a little. I'll let you know what happends. This would be much easier on a fender, it is a little harder to see then the bottom of the hood.......Steve
Are you saying that light will shine through even if you use resin dye? I'll have to check mine...
fiberglass repair

The answer I was looing for maybe resin dye. I would like the underside of a repair to look the same as the area near the repair.
fiberglass color

what year car are you repairing? up till 65 the glass was what is called white. 65 is darker and i believe 67 is called black. someone correct me if im wrong.i could be off on the year change. i have not worked on midyears for sometime now.the dark glass is not to hard to hide the repair but the white thats not easy.
Vette: The Corvette is a 1965 and the fiberglass is very light.

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