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Finally got a Rear Torsion Bar setup!!



A couple days ago, I had plates welded to the trailing arms and mounted a Sway bar. Took it out for a 100mi of twisties, and noticed alot of improvement in the high speed corners! It used to roll or slightly shift weight in the corners, and was always a tad scary to me. Now it corners flat and no movement at all that I can tell, I was very impressed with the new enhanced handleability!

There was one bad result. Somehow mounting the swaybar moved the position of the passenger side wheel slightly, and when I checked underneath after the test drive, Immediatly noticed the park brake mount bracket had taken out a 32nd" of rubber on my 255 BFG's, Right by the bead. I ground the bracket to clear, and determined that the tire(luckily) is still within usable limits , so I will not replace it. But I definitly want to advise anyone mounting 255's on their C3's to check the clearance of that bracket initially and every time you do something with the suspension. There is no room for error with 255's and stock PB mount bracket.

Whew..Glad I didnt loose that tire on a 50mph corner.

Im moving on to some other changes, replacements and upgrades, and will post as I go along..
Take care all..Drive safe..
A pic or two would be nice if you can manage. :)

I like home-done mods...

Tom...while I have my trailing arms out, I'm relocating that bracket to the top of the arms. Should easily allow at least 275s now.
Yeah, Im not real sure, but Im thinking you may be ok.Theres nothing else on that side of the frame to interfere so you should be ok on the rear. I do get a little shiny spot on both front fenderwells where the tires touch, but its not the norm, its only in some kind if extreme wheel turn and or bump. I dont consider it a problem with the 255's but seems youll need to look closer if your putting 275 meats on the front too?

Ill take some pics when I get these new springs and bushings going in. Maybe tomorrow..
Cheers and Beers :beer

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