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Finally got the vette back



Just to recap, I'm the guy that was rear-ended on 8/20. After 7 weeks, I picked up the vette yesterday. They did a real nice job with the body work and paint. They don't do very much mechanical and on the way home, I noticed that when I step on the gas, the car pulls in the rear to the right, and when I left off, it shifts back to the left. Feels to me like the trailing arms got messed up in the accident. I will contact the insurance company tomorrow and see if they will pay to have it looked at and fixed. I think they should as it was not like this before. I'll keep you all posted......Hoss.:confused
Could just be they didn't put all the shims back in. Grab, or use a screwdriver to see if you can move the front of the trailing arm back and forth.

Glad you reposted a status for us. I'm sure you were stoked to get her back. Trailing arm(s) sound like the culpret. Post a couple pictures when you get the chance. Good luck with the insurance folks.

........ Nut
Congrats on the rebirth Hoss! Does this mean a trip to Burger King could be coming soon, weather permitting?
Thanks for the replies, you guys. This body shop does very little ,if any, mechanical work. So, they probably didn't even check the trailing arms or anything else in the rear axle. They did drive it a couple miles to the muffler shop, but probably didn't notice anything unusual. I think if they had, they would have said something. I'm calling them and the insurance company tomorrow. So, 71shark, as soon as this gets squared away, I'll be cruising the Burger King.:w

Just checking in to put my two cents worth in the offering plate.

Glad you got it back. More importantly, I'm glad you are still okay. Bummer, but I've had a couple of cars smashed and they never are the same, including a '64 Plymouth Sport Fury that was a show winner. I hope that your experience turns out differently.

As was previously mentioned, if you get the chance, please post the pictures. Before, during and after would be informative and interesting.

:) You shouldn't have any problems with this. Once the shop starts taking parts off the car, previously undiscovered damages is found. It's known in the insurance industry as a supplement and happens all the time.

If they start to jerk you around just work your way up the food chain until you get to the person who can make the decision. If they deny claiming that its unrelated to the accident, take it somewhere that will say it was caused by the accident, get this in writing and make a complaint to the insurance commissioner in your state. Insurance companies hate complaints to the insurance commissioner and insurance commissioners like to make voters happy.

Well, I finally got it back for the second time. This time from a mechanic that fixed the rear pull and tuned the engine. I must say it runs really good. The problem in the rear was it was knocked out of alignment, so they started from scratch and rebuilt the trailing/control arms. The transmission mount had to be replaced to. These guys seem to know what they were doing, so I had them give her an old fashioned tune-up. I am a happy camper.:beer
Yep, the insurance took care of the suspension and I took care of the tune-up. Everyone is happy.:)

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