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Finally Made the 11 sec. club !!!!



Went to HRP today, ran about 4 passes, the worst bieng a 12.32 and the highlight of the day, the 2nd run. Race weight was 3500 lb with me in it. The slip read as follows:
60' 1.840
330 5.052
1/8 7.719
MPH 93.21
1000 10.014
1/4 11.980
MPH 113.09

Congatulations on that excellent time!

Radar :cool


Did you do that time just with the mods you described???
I guess it´s the Nitrous that makes the trick!


I only have the mod listed. HPP3 (actually stolen in january, but still programmed) 160 thermo, and MTI ram air. I just bought Yokohama AVS sport radials, but the 60' was not my best. My best 60' has been a 1.79 on the runflats, and the 60' on the 11.98 run was 1.84. There is still more in it, since i had more than a 1/4 tank of gas and no race gas.


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