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finally: Stroker crank in block


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Dec 27, 2000
Florence, SC (Timmonsville SC)
71 War Bonnet Yellow VERT 71 BH Blue CPE (SOLD)
Before I was slammed with the flu :puke Friday night, I did manage to get my 350's block clearanced for the 3.8" stroker crank:cool . Just a few good slashes with a die grinder on pan rails did it ... easy ... crank's free & clear w/ about 0.050" @ counterweight-to-rail to spare! I also cleaned up the oil return passages and other flash. The PITA is cleaning every trace (as in washing w/soapwater-drying-oiling) of the cast iron dust off! That done, I stuck the cam and & #1 piston-rod set in and degreed the cam in. I still expect I'll have to cam-clearance the rods and expect to do further grinding on pan rails to adequately clear rod bolts. So, I'll be disassembling-grinding-cleaning-assembling-disassembling-repeat-repeat-etc-etc-etc for a while yet ... post-flu!
Hey Jack, are you going with a balanced rotating assembly? I think most mail order places charge something like $500. It's something I want to try one day. :) --Bullitt

Because I have yet to finish grind/cam clearance the rods, I cannot say for sure just what combo I'll end up with (probably'll be happy w/ rods when done ... but ya never know). Here is list of lower-end stuff I'm using (for now): new SCAT 9000 cast "external balance" Crank w/ 3.800" stroke, recon'd GM 5.7" long "pink" Rods w/ bushings for floating pins, new TRW H602CP dished hypereautectic Pistons-Rings, new Clevite 77 rod & main Bearings, new Pioneer 8" elastomer-type Harmonic Balancer for external-balance (383/400) motor, new SFI-approved Flexplate for external balance. I spent less than $550 including shipping/tax for that list of parts.

I've got another $250 in new cam, lifters, pushrods, rockers, springs, true roller tcs, HV oil pump & screen, HD op drive shaft, cam bearings, gasket set.

Spent another $300 for headwork, boring, washing & other machine work.

Once all grinding/clearancing is complete & I'm certain of fit, I'll have the rotating assembly balanced. My new machinist (regional favorite crank grinder/balancer of racers) will balance for about $150. I can get it balanced for less elsewhere, but I had a BAD experience w/ prior life-long machinist. Like a good surgeon, I think it's worth the price if you find a great one who's both very experienced and who'll take time to really talk with you. My present combo makes 388 ci @ about 9.2:1 CR w/ 76cc heads.

Keith: There's still a ways to go, but thanks!


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