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Finding and fixing a "tweet" sound --need help



Sometimes I can hear a high-pitched "tweeting" kind of sound in the cabin of my C5 coupe. It seems to be coming from in front of the driver. It can be heard when driving or in idle. Vibration seems to intensify it. However, sometimes it will disappear for a few days. Already changed the serpentine without results. It's not the fan.
On advice from the forum, I had the idler pulley changed last weekend. Sadly, problem still not solved.
Any advice on next move would be most welcome. This thing is really getting me down.
Some people with this problem have found it to be the alternator. Does the sound become more rapid if you rev it slightly?
Had a similiar problem with my '99 it took them awhile changed "the belt" then the alt.,checked ps pump,belt tensioner,and finally the harmonic balancer-bingo-sounds all normal .Who knows sometimes the process of elimination works:r
Hi there,
I would recommend that you look at your balancer, located in the center of the engine, at the bottom, just behind the rack.
Please look to see if that pulley is wobbling.
If it is, they may have to replace the balancer.
Please keep us posted, c4c5:hb
This is a different subject, hope I am not being rude, but has anyone experienced steering problems when going over soft shoulderss are lane creases in the road? Does the car want to steer itself ? Also over bumps, does the car tend to want to go either direction ?

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